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Immigration – Algeria visas and travelA captain working for the national airline Air Algérie recently impressed an aviation specialist with his talent and eloquence. The latter was particularly impressed by the ease with which the employee of the national pavilion expressed himself in English, with an impeccable accent. The video of this event has been shared online, earning the admiration of many aviation enthusiasts.

The event took place at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, just before the departure of a flight to the city of Constantine. While the passengers waited for the usual audio announcements, the captain took the floor to communicate the flight information. But it was his mastery of the English language that really impressed the spectators present, including an aviation specialist who decided to share the captivating scene.

In his video, the specialist therefore salutes the ease of the captain. Indeed, it is rare to see a pilot speak a foreign language with such fluency and such a perfect accent. This language proficiency is all the more remarkable as English is the international language of aviation, used for communications between pilots and air traffic controllers around the world.

The captain’s ability to express himself with such fluency in English testifies to the level of professionalism and competence of the Air Algérie crew. The national airline, which operates flights between Algeria and France, obviously attaches great importance to the language training of its staff.

Air Algérie: the sense of responsibility of a pilot arouses admiration

A sense of responsibility is a highly valued quality among professionals, particularly among airplane pilots. This is how the answer given by a pilot of the national airline Air Algérie to an Internet user aroused great admiration on the part of Internet users on social networks.

In a video posted on social media, the pilot in question showed a perfectly executed landing. However, an Internet user noticed that the ILS (Instrument Landing System) was functional and wondered whether the pilot was performing a manual landing.

ILS is a landing aid system used at all airports in the world. It is used to guide aircraft during the final phase of approach and landing by providing precise information on the position of the aircraft relative to the axis of the runway and the glide path. This system is particularly useful in fog, rain, snow or strong winds, when visibility is reduced.

Faced with the Internet user’s question, the pilot answered in a clear and concise manner. He explained that when the flight conditions allow it, he prefers to perform a short visual approach, that is to say a manual landing, rather than following the guidance of the ILS. This approach saves time and money by consuming less fuel, which can only be beneficial for Air Algérie, while ensuring passenger safety.

This response was widely welcomed by netizens, who expressed their admiration for the pilot’s professionalism and sense of responsibility. Many have emphasized the importance of aviation safety and pilots’ commitment to ensuring passenger safety, while optimizing aircraft performance and reducing costs.

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