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Faced with rising food prices, an 18-year-old child prodigy, Simeon Simeonov decided to take the lead by creating an innovative application. His goal ? Compare prices and make this data available to as many people as possible. To put it simply: the young boy wants allow as many people as possible to buy what they need without having to ruin themselves on a daily basis. Its innovative tool for making smart purchases is called Tous Anti Inflation.

It should be remembered that soaring food prices are wreaking havoc, with a dizzying increase of 15% in just one year, while consumer prices also climbed by nearly 6%. These alarming figures are delivered to us by INSEE in their latest publication, dated Friday, May 12.

An idea born around a dinner

Of Bulgarian origin, Simeon Simeonov arrived in France at the age of 6. Currently in Terminale class at Sasserno high school, in the center of the Riviera capital. In particular, he received training in “Digital and computer science”.

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Asked about the reasons that led him to design this application, Simeon Simeonov replied that he just wanted to help his parents. He noticed that during family meals, his parents kept talking about the constantly increasing cost of groceries.

This is why this 18-year-old young man from Nice decided to come to their aid, to relieve everyone’s expenses in his own way. It was really close to his heart. He wanted to allow them, and all those who needed it, to save a lot of money.

Tous Anti Inflation, an app shaped with passion over several months

This project occupied all his free time, outside of his studies, to reach its full potential. After sustained efforts, the application was launched on Android in March, then deployed on iOS in April.

Its name, “All Anti Inflation”, would be inspired by the “Tous Anti Covid” applicationthus evoking the commitment against rising prices.

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According to him, our young creator draws on resources from already existing data. He would pull them from the Open Food Facts food database, as well as information gathered from supermarket drive-thru.

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By combining and enriching this precious data, it draws up a detailed list of the prices charged by the various brands for each product.

From now on, the consumer will be able to easily locate the place where the food item he wishes to purchase is offered at the best price.

Thanks to its application, the young man has already been able to get a fairly precise view of the current offer on the market. According to his observations during his interview with 20 Minutes, “Casino is regularly the most expensive. Carrefour and Auchan are often well placed and Leclerc offers the best prices in 70 to 80% of cases. »

A bold analysis that will not fail to shake the giants of mass distribution.

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All Anti Inflation, how does it work?

After downloading the app to your mobile, all you have to do is scan a product’s barcode or type in its name. And in a few seconds, you get its price in the different stores.

Thanks to Tous Anti Inflation, you can create your shopping list and compare it in the blink of an eye. Two options are then available to you: choose the store offering the most advantageous price for all of your purchases, or, for the more adventurous, visit the different stores in order to buy each item at the best price.

Either way, this app makes your life easier and helps you save a lot of money. An essential ally for informed and budget-conscious consumers.

Future projects?

Our young Niçois would already have improvements in sight to complete the features already offered by his application. He is actively working on new features he would like to add in the future. These include the possibility of taking advantage of enticing promotional offers and even of sending their shopping list directly to the brand chosen by the consumer.

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Currently, the app is free. Simeon Simeonov confesses that he hadn’t even thought about monetizing his application. However, he would not be against the possibility of providing financial support.

If such an offer were made to him, he would welcome it, he said. For now, our talented developer still has to bear the server subscription fees to run Tous Anti Inflation.

Nevertheless, he hope to collect some donations in order to continue improving the application. Just click on the small heart located at the top right of your smartphone screen. One way to encourage him to persevere, he says.

Finally, perhaps this revolutionary application will make your life easier while allowing you to save a lot of money.

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