A philosophy teacher, passed by the high school of Sens, indicted for the rape of a student

She was 17 years old. She was a high school student in a posh high school in the capital and was taking preparatory courses to integrate Sciences Po. He, in his thirties, author of two books, is an associate professor of philosophy. That year, the teacher gave lessons at the Dijon Academy. At the Janot-et-Curie high school in Sens, more precisely. He also works in Paris, in two private Catholic high schools, under contract with the State.

At the end of May 2023, as revealed by our colleagues from Parisian, this teacher was indicted for rape of a minor. Confirmed information at Republican Yonne, Monday, June 5, 2023, by the Paris prosecutor’s office. The philosophy teacher was “reproached for a relationship with one of his students when he taught at the Lycée des Francs-Bourgeois in Paris, following an investigation carried out by the minors protection brigade”.

Unprotected penetration

Aged 17, the high school student in question was taking preparatory courses to integrate Sciences po. Teaching provided by the philosophy teacher. Interviewed by the investigators of the brigade for the protection of minors (BPM), the young girl explains that she was invited by her teacher to his home. At her home, on the night of August 30-31, 2019, she allegedly ended up agreeing to foreplay, but refused to have penetrative sex. “She did not consent to go beyond the preliminaries. She told her teacher, several times, that she did not want to. Without him ceasing the unprotected penetration”, confides a source familiar with the matter.

The alleged victim files a complaint, once an adult, two years after that night in August 2019. “There was an awareness, a journey. She was also hampered by the judicial way of the cross and filed a complaint in the concern other potential victims”, continues our source. Still according to the latter, the teacher would have confided, in 2019, to this high school student that she was “the first one he chose in this preparation, but the sixth student with whom he had had a sexual relationship in nine years of education. national.” Information to which the investigators had access.

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Did the teacher rape other young girls? The investigation of the brigade for the protection of minors could go in this direction. Asked about the number of complaints and the possible existence of other complainants, the Paris prosecutor’s office did not respond. However, he specifies that the investigations are therefore “covered by the secrecy of the investigation. They are now continuing under the direction of an investigating judge”.

He allegedly had sex with students six times

The Créteil Academy, on which the philosophy professor had depended since 2021, “suspended him on judicial requisition”, confirms the National Education. The institution specifies that at the time of the facts denounced by the complainant, “he was not within the academy of Créteil”. That year, the professor was assigned to the Dijon academy, giving philosophy lessons at the Janot-et-Curie high school in Sens, in parallel with lessons given in Paris in private education.

Contacted on this case, the prosecutor’s office of Sens said “not to have information on this case”. For its part, the rectorate of Dijon examined the file of the teacher. “We did not find any trace of any concern concerning him. We checked if there were any actions out of the ordinary. There were no conflicts or disturbances in connection with this teacher” , say the services of the rectorate.

He would have brought young girls back to faith by imposing himself as their spiritual mentor. There would have been a form of manipulation: if you lose me, you lose the link with God. This is what would have happened with the complainant in particular.

In this case of “rape of a minor by a person having authority over the victim”, the teacher was placed under judicial supervision. A measure accompanied by multiple prohibitions. That of coming into contact with the victim, of exercising a teaching activity in college and high school, of exercising any activity in contact with minors. And the obligation to take care of themselves. “The person concerned appealed this judicial review, details the representative of the Paris prosecutor’s office. The decision of the court is not yet known”.

The investigations of the brigade for the protection of minors are continuing in a rape case, to which could be added, according to a source close to the investigation, “a religious dimension”. The professor would thus have tried to “bring the young girls back to the faith by imposing himself as their spiritual mentor. There would have been a form of manipulation: if you lose me, you lose the link with God. he would have spent with the complainant in particular.”

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