after the great success of Star Academy, how much is his retirement?

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Armande Altaï saw her notoriety rise by joining the big family of the “Star Academy” from the first season in 2001. The famous singing teacher is no longer unknown to the public. Besides, we often recognize her when she walks in the street. After her departure from the “Star Ac'”, we know, however, that the great lady tried to relaunch her career.

What happens to Armande Altaï after leaving the “Star Academy”

As Gala confided in her article of May 20, 2023, the life of Armande Altaï changed a lot since she left the castle of “Star Academy”. Indeed, the famous singing teacher attempted to revive his music career. But currently, the artist prefers to live a quiet life, away from glitter.

On May 23, 2023, the French singer is scheduled to make an appearance on Camille Combal’s show, “Une famille en or” just after the broadcast of “Koh-Lanta”. The show will be entirely devoted to the family of “Star Academy”, an opportunity to find the former professor on the screen.

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Remember, in this program hosted by Camille Combal, two families compete to win the sum of money. And for the “Star’Ac” family, it will be the old who will oppose the new.

Thus, Alexia Larroche-Joubert will lead a team made up of Armande Altaï, Karima Charni, Lucie Bernardoni and Patrice Maktav. And for his part, Yanis Marshall will lead a team made up of Adeline Tonighti, Chris Camalon, Marlène Schaff and Julien Canaby.

Armande Altaï, 79, the retirement she receives
Armande Altai at the Librairie Delamain After Party at Les Bains on June 8, 2022 in Paris – Photo credits: Getty Images

The age of the singing teacher no longer allows her to return to the “Star Academy”

Gala revealed in her article devoted to Armande Altaï that she had been contacted by TF1. The production of the “Star Academy” would have liked her to resume her status as a coach at the castle. Only, their wish could not be realized.

As the interested party clarified, her age no longer allows her to take over this role which requires “enormous work”. In fact, she has said that you have to get up early to go to the castle and she no longer has the strength. This does not mean all the same that the famous woman does nothing of her days, since she left the emission of TF1.

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She launched a new musical comedy project. We also know that it will be based on the story of Vercingetorix. She hopes that this project can satisfy her fans and attract new ones. It has to be, even if she doesn’t really complain about her retirement.

Armande Altaï’s opinion on the “pension reform”, how much does she perceive?

On February 28, 2023, Armande Altaï agreed to deliver her opinion on the “pension reform” at the Liberation. She then explained that this new law could have consequences for both women and men. At the same time, the former professor of the “Star Academy” has indicated that the retirement she receives is poor.

As stated by the daily, she only receives 900 euros which she tries to inflate with singing lessons. Despite everything, the singer claims not to have to complain at her age. Being the owner, she doesn’t have to worry about housing.

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