Alicia confides in the situation of her relationship with Bruno

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Their marriage should have been the beginning of a beautiful love story. However, dark clouds seem to be gathering over ‘Married At First Sight’ star couple Alicia and Bruno. Indeed, on May 10, the young woman broke the silence by announcing a break in their relationship.

Then, a few days later, during a series of Instagram stories, Alicia opened up with an open heart on the uncertain future of their couple. The young woman said she was deeply saddened by what is happening with Bruno.

During these stories, she also shared with her followers a disturbing observation: her husband no longer wore his wedding ring in his latest post on Instagram. A situation that would not have really surprised her.

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Lately, being relegated to the background in the life of her jules has become a habit, she added with a scathing tone. It would seem that their future is more than uncertain.

“Married at first sight”, a mistake?

Is goodbye the only solution? In 2022, Alicia and Bruno sealed their union in front of their loved ones following their remarkable participation in the famous television program of M6. However, unlike many couples formed on this show, their path seems to be rocky. Indeed, on May 10, the young woman had announced that she had taken a break with her husband.

“For the past few days, many of you have been asking me why Bruno is less present in my stories, said Alicia. I wanted to answer you: we are taking a break to refocus each on our side. »

And this Sunday, May 14, Alicia confided more in the future of their relationship.

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“I confess to you that I am very saddened by what is happening with Bruno and when I’m sad I’m modest and so I don’t show you my pain in story, ”she shared.

Still in story, she also let it be known that she had noticed, like her subscribers, the absence of her husband’s wedding ring.

“I saw it and don’t worry, I’m not surprised because taking second place in his life had become a habit lately “, she added with a touch of bitterness.

And she concluded, resigned:

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“It’s his choice, he has the right. In life, it is difficult, if not impossible, to change someone. »

This situation casts doubt on the strength of their marriage. Fans are wondering if these signs herald an impending breakup.

Alicia’s story “Married at first sight” – Photo credits: Instagram / alicia_mapr6

It’s clear that a dark veil has fallen over their once rosy marriage. The question remains: will Alicia and Bruno’s love survive this turbulence?

The intimate confidences of Alicia and Bruno on their union

At the bend of an exclusive interview granted to Gala in March, Alicia and Bruno had opened their hearts to their union. The young couple had notably expressed their desire to start a family. They had also revealed their desire to renew their vows in a grand wedding, steeped in family traditions.

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Apparently, from the beginning, they always dreamed of a proper marriage. Limiting yourself to ten guests was not enough. They had to explain to their respective family members that they could not attend their union. That was a real test. The disappointments were many, they said.

Since then, the couple aspires to organize a wedding in the rules of the art. A traditional wedding, with all the honours. In addition, Bruno had declared that he absolutely wanted to bring together his entire Portuguese family on this occasion.

As for Alicia, she highlighted the importance of preserving family customs. According to him, in the family of his companion as in mine, weddings in the church are an anchored tradition. And they are committed to respecting this custom.

“I’m waiting for Bruno to get on his knees. For now, I have the wedding ring but I don’t have the solitaire,” she said.

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However, in view of their recent publications on social networks, this project could well remain a sweet unfinished dream…

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