All information about Dread Factor, Season 2 of Year 8 of Rainbow Six: Siege

This Sunday evening, May 14, the developers of Rainbow Six: Siege have lifted the veil on Dread Factor, the second season of Year 8 which will implement a new defender, a rework of Consulate and much more to Ubisoft’s competitive FPS .

Light on Dread Factor

One week after the final of the BLAST Copenhagen Major, which saw the Brazilians of w7m esports triumph, the presentation of Dread Factor, the new season of Rainbow Six: Siege, took place.

From Fenrir, the new Rainbow defender, to various additions and balances, including a redesign of Consulate, the editorial tells you all about it!

Fenrir’s Arrival

A soldier by day and a scientist by night, Fenhir was recruited to bring fear to the battlefield alongside Redhammer Squad.

Fenrir will support the Rainbows in defense with his F-NATT fear mines, yet another trap gadget intervening in the meta, which is reminiscent of Omen’s ability or Reyna’s blinders in the Valorant game. The developers call it a psychotic trap. This one, deployable on the ground, on the walls and controllable by the operator, will reduce the field of vision of the adversary who will activate it by penetrating its radius of action. F-NATT mines will be bullet and smash proof after being deployed, but will become vulnerable once activated. Fenrir will have five traps, but only three activation keys: he will therefore have to position and use them wisely.

Credits: Ubisoft

This is a very powerful agent who could integrate the meta, as his gadget can put a spoke in the wheels of attackers during their insertions and positions on the map. Fenrir will work in synergy with operators like Melusi and Thorns for their traps, or Valkyrie and Pulse for their ability to take in information. IQ, Thatcher and Montagne, on the other hand, will respond to the attack, just like Finka, who can use his adrenaline to increase the field of vision of his teammates who are victims of an F-NATT mine.

Fenrir will have two points of speed and health. It will be equipped with an MP7 or a SAGS-12 as a primary weapon, a Bailiff as a secondary, as well as an armored camera or barbed wire as an accessory.

Consulate gets a makeover

As the developers announced at the last Six Invitational, it’s time for Consulate to get a makeover and modernization in view of its eight years of age; its new version will accompany the release of Operation Dread Factor.

It is a massive rework of almost the entire map that has been announced, the redesign of a map in particular victim of its old development technology. The main negative aspects of the map according to the players have also been corrected, such as the many possibilities of spawnkill or the overexposure of the external positions of the map in particular. Walls have been added, new areas have been created and the map has generally received a good facelift. All in all, the map is now less open and more pleasant to play.

The other novelties

  • The shooting range sees its functionalities extended with in particular the possibility of training with moving and dynamic targets; it will be more advanced overall and allow players to train in a whole new dimension
  • An “Arcade” playlist will be created with the community’s favorite special game modes: deathmatch, golden bullet, headshot only and sniper only. A fifth mode makes its appearance there: the general melee
  • A new gadget is coming to Siege, the Observation Blocker. It will allow defenders to block the vision of drones and cameras of all kinds, allowing them to conceal players and their gadgets
  • Grim’s Rework: Grim’s gadget bee deployment will be faster and their effect will last longer. In addition, the latter will now follow the movements of the players. A complement to this rework will be deployed later this year

Here you are now aware of the elements brought to Rainbow Six: Siege by Dread Factor, which will therefore be the second season of Year 8 of Rainbow Six: Siege. This new operation will be playable from this Monday, May 15 on the TTS.

Dread Factor will officially be released in June. The additions will be available to you for free, except Fenrir, which you will have to obtain – if you do not have the Year Pass – with R6 credits or in-game fame two weeks after the start of the season.

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