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Whether one is looking to lose weight or simply wants to stay active, the Pasadena Elite Fitness team is there to help clients on their fitness journeys.

Located at 155 W. Green Street in Pasadena, Elite Fitness is a small personal training studio committed to bringing people of all ages a personable, individualized workout experience.

Its team is looking forward to reaching more members of the community, as the gym recently underwent an expansion.

“We expanded right next door, actually, brought on a new trainer and we’re trying to fill up (his schedule),” said Dan Batz, Pasadena Elite Fitness owner and personal trainer. “We’re trying to grow and, so far, it’s going well.”

Batz, who was drafted by the Dodgers and played with their minor league for several years, bought the gym in 2013 with a business partner. He became the sole owner less than two years later.

Over the past decade, a majority of Pasadena Elite Fitness’ growth has been due to client referrals, by word-of-mouth and even people discovering the gym while walking past. Batz said that advertising has been very minimal.

As a result, he and his team are excited for their new chapter and growing the Pasadena Elite Fitness family.

Customizable training

Pasadena Elite Fitness serves a wide variety of individuals who all have different fitness goals — whether they are looking to gain weight, build strength or are athletes.

Its services and programs include personal training, small group classes, sports training, nutrition counseling, injury rehabilitation and prenatal and postnatal fitness.

The gym’s specialization, however, is personal training in order to provide clients with a highly individualized fitness plan.

“Our model is the client comes into the gym, meets the trainer, goes over their goals. The trainer customizes the workout plan based on the client’s goals, their individual needs, so they formulate a program based on that,” Batz said. “From that, you determine how many days a week you will need to reach those goals and then just go from there.”

Elite Fitness even provides FaceTime training, which became popular with clients during the pandemic. Some clients take advantage of this option and have a hybrid schedule, where they attend a couple of sessions in the gym each week paired with a few at home.

Training sessions, which cost between $70 to $90 per individual session, can be purchased in a membership or a package.

A membership is a monthly fee based on how many times a week the client comes in, whether it’s two or four times a week.

“The monthly fee holds you a little more accountable,” Batz said. “You have to come in and use those sessions each month, they don’t carry over.”

They also have a package option, which allows them to purchase a number of sessions in advance. These sessions do not expire and can be used whenever one would like.

A private, personable setting

Unlike many gyms, Pasadena Elite Fitness is dedicated to privacy.

For every session, each client gets their own private workout room complete with a wide selection of equipment.

“A lot of clients are maybe intimidated by certain gyms because it’s like all eyes on you, or you have to share equipment and whatnot,” Batz said.

“Here, you have all your equipment, it’s just you and your trainer in your own world. I think a lot of clients like that. They don’t like sharing equipment, especially after COVID, that they just like the cleanliness of the gym. They like the privacy.”

The gym’s family-like atmosphere is another distinguishing factor. Over the years, Elite Fitness has brought people together and formed a number of friendships, creating a warm, friendly community of gym-goers.

“I think that’s probably one of the coolest things that I’ve noticed is the different relationships and just the different professions,” Batz said. “We have clients use each other’s services, like they go to their restaurants, they just see each other out and about in Pasadena. …I like seeing that.”

Staying active as a senior

While Pasadena Elite Fitness serves clients as young as 10 to as old as 91, it receives a decent number of clients who are part of the older population.

Batz stressed the importance for older individuals to establish a weekly routine to get themselves up and moving around. He said their clients have experienced good results in improving their balance, strength and functional movements by staying active.

“We’ve experienced people that have fallen, and it’s the ability to get up or cut back on the chances of them falling because their balance is improved from them working out,” he said. “But if they do fall, they’re strong enough to get up and get the help they need if they need it.”

Attending workout sessions at Elite Fitness also allows older clients, some who may live alone, the opportunity to get out.

“Not only do they get the benefits of strength training, balance, flexibility, all that, but it’s also good to come in and just be around others and get a good workout routine going,” Batz said.

Helping others live healthy lifestyles and guiding them on their workout journeys simply makes working in the fitness industry — what Batz loves — that much more fulfilling.

“It’s very rewarding. That’s why I got into the business and that’s why I do it,” he said.

Pasadena Elite Fitness

155 W. Green Street, Pasadena


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