APNEA: The triple freediving world champion, CREPS d’Antibes trainer

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The three-time freediving world champion is joining the Raie’Spira association for the second consecutive year.


Prepare the Raie’Spira mission

The top athlete is always close to underwater life. An expertise on the marine ecosystem that has been built up over the course of his career

Often called upon for actions or experimental projects related to the restoration and preservation of the seabed, Morgan Bourc’his acts and tells what he sees, where a tiny part of people cannot go.

On Saturday 01 April, he will be alongside the Raie’Spira association for the second consecutive year. These are 20 students from the University of Montpellier that the champion will have to prepare for a mission. A scientific mission which will take place in Corsica, next May within the framework of a study of observation and census of the species of rays which live close to the Corsican coast. The objective, to learn to snorkel to improve their observation and optimize the harvests that the students must achieve. The meeting is given at the Antigone Olympic swimming pool, with a first approach to their mission, verification of their equipment and evaluation of their capacity. The first workouts will be based on dynamic apnea and a lot of swimming. A preparation meticulously orchestrated by the high-level athlete essential to the smooth running of their expedition.

IN BRIEF, who is the one nicknamed “the blue man”?

Resumption of competition, very young dad, he will become one of the rare freedivers to dive while being a parent.

On the sporting level, Morgan begins this year on a rhythm of important training in order to achieve his new objectives. Since January, he has been preparing for the FFESSM French freediving championships which will take place in Villefranche sur mer at the beginning of July.

Supervising courses all over France and Egypt, the Champion has become a highly sought-after instructor.

As for training in the discipline, this year again, he will supervise numerous courses for beginners and initiates. He will teach them freediving techniques, give valuable advice and accompany his students in their progress. In May, the 20th and 21st, he will be in Villefranche-sur-Mer with the Bluenery Academy; then on June 10 and 11, in Marseille. Morgan plans new sessions for the second half of the year. Between these dates, this high-level athlete will go to the Red Sea for a cruise around freediving, from May 27 to June 3.

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