bad news for Anthony, his suitor who suffered a stroke

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Like many people, Laura also found love on the show “Married at First Sight”. The candidate was also ready to marry her suitor. But at the latest news, the wedding was called off because she had a stroke.

Laura’s health issue

In the new season of “Married at first sight”, couples have already formed, thanks to their compatibility. Thus, among those who married, we can cite Jefferson and Pedro, Fabrice and Anabel or even Emmanuel and Léa.

Regarding Laura and Anthony, the latter two should also concretize their relationship in a few weeks. However, an unexpected event changed the schedule.

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In fact, recently bride-to-be had terrible stroke. She therefore had to be rushed to a hospital. And it was from there that she wrote a letter to her suitor, telling him the news about her state of health.

She wrote to him, among other things:

“If I’m writing to you today, it’s because life has decided otherwise. A fortnight ago, I was hospitalized urgently (…) I had a stroke, I have an artery that is semi-blocked. My brain is in pain because it is poorly irrigated”.

Before explaining:

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“I’m not even allowed to raise my head to eat, I’m not allowed to get up to go to the toilet. Because if I get up to go to the bathroom, I run the risk of clogging my artery and ending (…) As I write to you, I am no longer in intensive care, but my health does not allow me to have strong emotions and get on the plane right away”.

Marriage canceled in “Married at first sight”

Because of the state of health of the candidate of “Married at first sight”, the experts were forced to cancel the wedding ceremony. It was indeed a real blow for Laura, she who must take a total rest for at least a month.

For his part, Anthony, is also upset by the situation. This could also be seen on the video where he had received the letter from his future wife.

In this video, the young man said in particular that he was a little stunned. He then said:

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“It’s a thousand questions a minute, it’s full of anxiety. Even though I don’t know her, I still got attached to this person. (…) I would like to be with her. It is a blow”.

Despite the cancellation of their marriage, the two lovebirds still keep hope of getting married one day. In any case, for his part, Anthony assured that he can still wait a few more months if it’s necessary.

“I’ve waited 32 years, I can wait a few more months,” he said during his interview.

Let’s hope that the two lovebirds’ dream of reuniting and making their relationship come true at the altar will come true. Note that they are 77% compatible.

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What about the other Married at First Sight couples?

If nothing is sure yet for Laura and Anthony, life goes on for the other candidates who have already said “yes”. Some couples from the show “Married at first sight” also spin the perfect love. This was particularly the case for Fabrice and Anabel.

For information, the latter have just finished their honeymoon. It should be noted, however, that when they return to France, things are not as easy for them because of their distance.

For their part, Jefferson and Pedro are still as accomplices. Indeed, each day, the couple gets to know each other a little more.

As far as Emmanuel and Léa are concerned, things seem to be working well between them as well. Despite this, the candidate is still destabilized by the attention and love of her husband.

For their part, Estelle and Maximilien have been in heaven since their marriage. The latter’s only concern is his wife’s father, who continues to interfere in their relationship.

During their wedding ceremony, for example, his stepfather had made it clear to Maximilien that he had to move to live with Estelle. A decision that the candidate of the M6 ​​show was however not ready to take quickly, he who is also a father.

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