Biosanos sets the bar high against cholesterol

This is a health nutrition innovation for two reasons: Biosanosa start-up founded in 2019, created Artémis, the first anti-cholesterol bar in the oral nutritional supplements market (CNO) and fortified foods.

A bar with the name of an ancient Greek goddess – that of wild nature and hunting – for a bar that is a real innovation in terms of health nutrition: it is Artemis. Created and marketed by the start-up Biosanos, this chocolate cereal bar is the first of its kind to display cholesterol-lowering claims.

Seven ingredients make up the Biosanos bar

Seven ingredients, right in the trend of less is deade, make up Artémis, each with specific benefits to make up this anti-cholesterol snack. It covers 100% of the recommended daily allowances in Omega 3this polyunsaturated fatty acid which contributes to the maintenance of a normal cholesterol level (i.e. a level lower than 2 g/l of total cholesterol):

  • Dates, rich in potassium essential for cardiovascular function
  • Flaxseed oil, for omega 3 intake
  • Oat bran, source of soluble fiber
  • Hazelnuts, rich in insoluble fiber
  • Honey, as a substitute for refined sugar
  • 100% cocoa dark chocolate, a source of magnesium
  • Of moringa oleifeirathis plant recognized as a “superfood”, rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
nutritional sobriety
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Bars whose production is entrusted to Gourmiz, an Occitan company specializing in the manufacture of energy and protein bars.


Biosanos bars are (also) NOCs

This is the other very innovative aspect of Biosanos’ Artémis bars: they are the first in this form on the CNO and fortified food market. They participate in the maintenance of a normal level of cholesterol in the blood, in particular for people suffering fromhypercholesterolemia. This silent pathology affects, according to the latest report from Public Health France, nearly 20% of French men and women, and is the first risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Winner of the #NutritionLab

So many qualities at Biosanos which have not escaped the Nutrition Labnutrition branch of the Prevent2care accelerator – supported by the Ramsay Santé Foundation, the Pfizer Innovation France endowment fund and Elior Santé – which has just integrated the start-up into its support program.

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Photo credits: #75470233 – ©Mkasim Shebeko – | Biosanos website

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