Carole-Anne Fournier on the podium at the French championships

On May 13 and 14, the French Savate Boxing Championships took place at the Halle Carpentier in Paris: over two days, the best boxers in France competed for the national title. The representative of Breteuil did not deserve. This weekend, she will be competing for the French team championships.

Carole-Anne Fournier defended the colors of Savate French boxing in Breteuil in Paris in the under 70kg category.

THE 8 best female boxers in France in this category were separated into 2 pools of 4. The first day was devoted to pool rounds.

She meets a “monument” of savate boxing

Carole-Anne met Marine Bugada champion of France 2022. Despite a quality match, she loses but finds the energy and the resources to win the other matches of the day in a good way.

Carole-Anne finishes 2nd in her pool, which opens the doors to the semi-finals.

During the second day she finds herself facing a monument of the discipline, Ilhame Raguig.

This champion (France x10, Europe x2, World x4) was able to thwart all of Carole-Anne’s attempts and attacks to win.

The perseverance of Carole-Anne

Ilhame Raguig underlined the desire and the perseverance of the representative of Breteuil who tried her luck until the end but the mountain was too high.

She finished this French championship in 3rd place behind Marine Bugada (2022 champion and 2023 vice-champion) and Ilhame Raguig who won the 2023 national title.

“This championship is a success for Carole-Anne with a very fine 3rd place behind these champions. His work, his ability to question himself and his humility were rewarded by this result” notes Philippe Fournier, president of the Breteuil club and father of the young sportswoman.

Aged 24, she has been practicing the discipline since the age of 8. Among young people, she was vice-champion of Picardy and Hauts-de-France. She obtained her Technical Silver Glove (black belt equivalent) in 2020 just before the Covid. His sports career was disrupted by injuries and then by studies which are a priority.

In 2021, she obtained her Savate monitor and successfully took care of the children’s section of the local club.

At Puy-en-Velay this weekend, with his brother

This weekend, Anne-Carole will take part in the French team championships at Le Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire). She is selected in the women’s team of Hauts-de-France. His brother, Florent Fournier, was also selected in the men’s team to defend the title won last season.

On May 27 and 28, 2023, Maxime Lemaire, after winning the title of Hauts-de-France champion then that of the North/East zone, will be one of the 5 finalists of the “Minime” French Championship, in Paris.


At the Fourniers, French boxing savate is transmitted from father to son in Breteuil-sur-Noye

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