Castelsarrasin. Happy ending for the CAC TT

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The table tennis players of Castelsarrasin complete an honorable season.

Nine CAC table tennis teams participated in the last day of the team championship. With 7 wins, 1 draw and a defeat, we can estimate that the club ended its season more than honorably. In R2, team 1 finished in a good 2nd place, after its victory last week over Saint-Etienne-de-Tulmont. Congratulations to captain Anthony Aubaret and his teammates Steve Perrier, Périg Josset, Thierry David. Team 2 which received Beaupuy wins 13 to 1 and finds the R4 left last year. Jean-Baptiste Gimazane, (captain), Florian Aubaret, Chahine Ben Abdelhadi, Adrian Bucurica, Mathéo Richon, Lucas Tavarès, reinforced at the end of the season by Périg Josset ensured the climb well. In D1, team 3 beat Montech 12-2; it’s a very solid team with Antony Fergère (cap), Pierre Bros, Patrick Salitot, Jules Schrameck. In D1 too, team 4 won by default at Malause and finished in 3rd place in the group. In D2, team 5 of captain Morgan Cord’Homme won 10 to 4 in Montbeton and finished 3rd in their group. Team 6 moved to Caussade and won a great victory by 11 to 3 which propelled them to D1; bravo to the two captains David Vautier and Jérémy Chaubet associated with the players Matthieu Zavam Mbengue, Paul Vautier, Jonathan Bras, Bastien Manquest and thank you to the effective coaching of Périg Jausset. In D3, team 7 logically loses against Montauban and team 8, despite its draw in Montech, is relegated to D4. And in D4, the team of captain David Callabat, with Emmanuel Callabat, Alexandre Béluel and David Simon, won 9 to 5 at Malause and finished 3rd in their pool. Team 10 was exempt. All these excellent results are dedicated to the dear co-president Morgan Cord’Homme to whom we wish all the courage necessary to get out of this current period where he has some health problems.

The goals for the start of the season have been achieved. All that remains is to make the most of the training sessions of Daniel Albert-Blanc and Guillaume Dusseau.

Tournament of the 8 elementary schools of Castelsarrasin: it will take place at the Alary stadium, on Saturday May 20, at 9 a.m., for CP and CE 1 and in the afternoon for CE 2, CM1 and CM 2. All participants will be rewarded with medals and cups. The snack will be offered by our associated partner whom the club thanks for this collaboration.

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