ChatGPT Plus formalizes its first plugins

That’s it… The first ChatGPT plugins are available and bring conversational intelligence into a whole new dimension. She no longer just talks, she explores, she acts and she pilots other AIs.

Announced a few weeks ago, the “Plugins” feature that allows ChatGPT to acquire new capabilities is now available in Beta. To access it, you must have a paid “ChatGPT Plus” subscription and select the “GPT-4” engine.

Because it is still experimental, the feature is not enabled by default. You have to validate it manually.

To do this, the “Seyoutings” of ChatGPT Plus has been enriched with a new tab called “ Beta Features (features in Beta). It offers two parameters:

– The first ” web browsing » allows ChatGPT to access the Internet when it needs to update its knowledge and offer answers enriched with the latest news. Remember that by default, ChatGPT knows nothing about our universe since the end of 2021 date of its knowledge bases. With this option, he can browse the Internet to find out information after this date and therefore provide richer answers.

– The second ” plugins allows you to activate access to extensions and therefore to enrich the capabilities of ChatGPT to allow it to communicate with Web services, to acquire new knowledge and new skills, to act to automate complex actions such as ordering tickets or plan a stay abroad with the necessary reservations.

A Store for ChatGPT AI

Even when the Plugins option is activated, ChatGPT does not acquire any new abilities by default. You must first choose the Plugins that you authorize him to use through the ” Plugin Store that OpenAI just opened. Not everyone can create a plugin yet. Only reputable publishers selected by OpenAI have access to this store. This is a way for OpenAI to control the evolution of its AI and to guarantee a minimum of security. Because by now allowing ChatGPT to act and no longer simply to speak, OpenAI opens Pandora’s box. There are real and theoretical risks, especially since no European or international legislation has yet been enacted to regulate the use of AI.

85 plugins are already available in the Store. They give a good overview of the skills that can be brought via this mechanism to ChatGPT.

Thus, the plugins allow ChatGPT Plus:

– of calculate and carry out mathematical reasoning (Wolfram),

– of drive workflows automated (Zapier)

interact with other web services and other AIs such as restaurant reservation services (OpenTable), hotel reservations (trip) and flights (Kayak), of travel (Expedia),

– from you advise visits and explorations (GetYourGuide)

– of accompany you on a daily basis by sending you messages (Glowing), suggest activities (OwlJourney), keep you informed of the scores of your favorite competitions or teams (Keyplays Live Score), find training courses (edX), recommend films and series (likewise), podcasts (MixerBox OnePlayer), readings (lexi shopper), Spotify music (PaylistAI)

– of help you find a job by making a CV (upskillr) or by offering you Jobs (Vivian Health, Ambition),

– retouch photos (Polarr)

– of create diagrams professionals (showme) or some pictures (CreatiCode Scratch),

– of compare offers (BuyWisely, Klarna Shopping)

– ofacquire new knowledge in connection with the news (World News), with the Stock Exchange (polygon); with public data (Audience), with the scientific bases (ScholarAI) or with quality sources (Metaphor)

– ofexplore video content Youtube or Dailymotion (VoxScript, Video Insights)

– of play with you In chess (chess) and other games (Word sneakers, Crafty Keys)

– of help you find a house (Zillow, Manorhead)

– of help you progress in programming or data science (Noticeable)

– of ask more relevant questions and more optimal (Prompt Perfect)

to be questioned specifically on files (ChatWithPDF, AskYourPDF) or specific sites (WebPilot, Link Reader)

– of know the weather (Weather report)

– of talk (speak, Speechki)

– of go shopping for you (Instagram)

– oftake care of your children (ABCmouse)

– of create quizzes (yabble)

And many more !

As you can see, this Plugins mechanism considerably extends ChatGPT’s range of uses and makes the AI ​​even more intelligent, useful and… scary!

And that’s just the beginning!

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