Corruption scandal in Paris pounds: two more police officers indicted

And 8! In the sprawling case of corruption in the middle of the Parisian and Ile-de-France pounds, two police officers were placed in police custody and indicted on Thursday. The two officials are being prosecuted for “passive corruption”, “misappropriation of a police file” and “violation of professional secrecy”.

At the end of October, after a first preliminary investigation, a judicial investigation had been opened targeting the company Inter Dépannage, the investigations being entrusted by the Paris prosecutor’s office to the IGPN, the police force. Chafic Alywan, the sulphurous boss of the company, was then arrested, placed in police custody, then imprisoned on December 7 at the prison of Health, in Paris. He was indicted for active corruption, complicity in breach of professional secrecy, complicity in misappropriation of the purpose of processing personal data, abuse of corporate assets and further execution of concealed work. He has since demanded, via his lawyers, his release.

In its wake, a civil servant from the Hauts-de-Seine prefecture, now retired, was indicted last December. In charge until 2017 of the service managing the pound approvals, and more broadly of everything related to the automobile, including the gray cards, this sexagenarian will have to answer for “passive corruption” and “concealment of goods from an abuse of social good”.

Other officials soon to be heard by the judges?

Last February, two police officers, a major and a brigadier, stationed at the police station in the 16th arrondissement of Paris at the time of the events, were in turn indicted. One for charges of passive corruption, illegal taking of interest and forgery in public writing by a person holding public authority, as well as for misappropriation of the purpose of a personal data processing system and violation of the professional secret.

The other was indicted on the charge of illegal taking of interest by a person holding public authority. They were placed under judicial control with in particular the prohibition to exercise their profession.

Finally, last January, two other police officers, chief brigadiers stationed in Hauts-de-Seine, suspected of having obtained advantages in exchange for services permitted by their position, were arrested and indicted. .

The investigation is continuing. Other police officers, suspected of being the “obligated” of Chafic Alywan and of having taken advantage of this system of corruption, should also have to answer the judge’s questions.

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