Cyril Hanouna reveals his fairly intensive training for padel!

Lately, Cyril Hanouna finds himself in big controversies. So he lets off steam in his intensive padel training!

Is Cyril Hanouna’s place in danger? The host continues to find himself at the heart of major controversies. So he lets off steam at padel, to forget! MThis TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Soon the end for Cyril Hanouna?

Since Louis Boyard revealed the true face of Cyril Hanouna, the host finds himself at the heart of major controversy. Many are those who talk about a horrible boss without the slightest scruple.

And all the departures that follow do not help the situation. Delphine Wespiser left Cyril Hanouna to get started in animation on W9. Days later, it’s Matthieu Delormeau who will announce his departure.

Several rumors say that the host of TPMP has become hellish with Matthieu Delormeau. This would therefore be the reason why he would have left C8. But also his own show, namely TPMP People.

Matthieu Delormeau did not want to say more for the moment. But for his fans, this departure remains suspicious. Imagine that a journalist surfed on this bad buzz to release a book! It is then Juan Braco.

The Franco-Spanish lawyer did not never liked Cyril Hanouna. And he intends to let it be known in his book “Hanouna” which is already out of stock even though it hasn’t even been released yet! It will be available June 1.

Juan Branco wrote in summary. “What is Cyril Hanouna? Nothing. No. Kutchi. This is, first of all, the point of view that we should adopt. A pawn in a system that it would be useless to bring down, alone, and which will justify that we behave with caution towards it, without devastating it”.

Padel to forget

Many people rejoice in the release of this book. Starting with Booba who seems happier than ever. One thing is certain, this book risks cause harm to Cyril Hanouna ! Because the lawyer plans to reveal everything!

So to forget all these controversies, Cyril Hanouna has therefore decided to focus more on the padel. Remember that this is his favorite sport. Cyril Hanouna can spend hours returning balls. He even begins to introduce his son to it.

He loves this sport so much that he decided tostart a program on padel, named “Objective Top 100”. Cyril Hanouna is the producer. A very good idea isn’t it! This program therefore follows his journey in his quest for this very closed circle of players.

Season 2 has 7 episodes. You can find there the workouts and times of doubt. On social networks, Cyril Hanouna did not fail to reveal his rather intensive training for padel!

In his Instagram storyit is displayed in full exercise. He wears weights to build a little more muscle. The goal is to be ultra efficient during the game! As you can see, Cyril Hanouna takes this discipline very seriously!

If you are interested, you can therefore watch all the episodes of season 2 of its program “Objective Top 100 on MyCanal.

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