Discover the Stay Young app: sports and health content to keep in shape offers seniors all the content they need to stay in shape and maintain their independence for as long as possible. Already available online through a website and a Youtube channel, the service is also accessible in the form of an application. The Rester Jeune application is competing for the third edition of the Prix Pleine Vie in the Service category.

Everything you need to keep fit and healthy was created by Julien Hyardet, a former professional rugby player turned sports coach. He wanted to put his passion for sport and his high-level experience at the service of seniors, by offering a complete and accessible offer, which perfectly meets the needs of the over 50s. Indeed, many applications offer sports and health content, but they are most often aimed at young and sporty profiles, in which not everyone finds themselves. On the contrary, Staying Young delivers tailor-made content, with an individualized strategy and whose aim is not to over-challenge users. In addition, physical activities are adapted to the needs of seniors, to enable them to stay in shape, to move, to maintain a sense of balance in order to limit the risk of falls or to fight against chronic pain, for example linked to osteoarthritis. In addition to the level of each, the exercises also take into account the pathologies from which some seniors may suffer; the exercises are adapted and no movement is performed on the ground.

The application contains 300 training sessions classified by level and by category (breathing work, stretching, special back pain, balance and stability, etc.), as well as health, well-being and nutrition recommendations. Subscribers also have access to spaces dedicated to personal development and meditation. In addition, a guarantee of seriousness and efficiency, each element of the method has been validated by professionals: sports doctor, physiotherapist, dietician-nutritionist…

A web and mobile application

Stay Young is available on a web and mobile application (iOS and Android). It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use by as many people as possible. The Stay Young team, made up of sports and health professionals, has also designed this service so that users do not feel abandoned and left to their own devices, so that they do not have the temptation to give up. their efforts after a few sessions, for technical reasons or lack of motivation. Technical support is indeed available 7 days a week. And Staying Young is designed as a mutual aid and support community, within which subscribers can discuss and encourage each other. Everyone also has the opportunity to follow their progress to stay motivated.

Everything is also planned so that each subscriber can practice at home, at their own pace, whenever they want, 7 days a week, unlimited, whether they are at home or elsewhere. The program of the day is accessible in one click. And to enjoy content on the big screen, you can easily stream it to a TV.

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