Diversity, Equity, and Human Rights

Diversity, equity and human rights are for everyone.

The ATA believes that all students should have an equal opportunity to achieve their academic potential, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, first language or other identifiers.

Alberta’s demographics are changing quickly, and our schools must adapt. The ATA strives to ensure that Alberta’s classrooms are safe and caring and that they promote success for every student.

The ATA’s Diversity, Equity and Human Rights (DEHR) Committee supports this work in these ways:

DEHR resources


Alberta’s Teachers—Supporting All Families poster (ENG/FR)

Here Comes Everyone: Teaching in the Intercultural Classroom

This resource will help school staff establish educational practices that honor and reflect intercultural perspectives. It provides practical advice for teachers, tips for administrators and a list of community resources.

Sexual orientation and gender identity

Breaking the Silence: A Guide for Sexual and Gender Minority Teachers in Alberta

This guide helps break the silence that still surrounds the experiences of sexual and gender minority (SGM) teachers. It provides information and support for SGM teachers who have questions or concerns about matters related to their employment.

Safe Space poster—Bilingual



PRISM toolkits

The PRISM toolkits help elementary and secondary school teachers explore content related to sexual orientation and gender variance.

PRISM Toolkit for Safe and Caring Discussions About Sexual and Gender Minorities for Secondary Schools



PRISM Toolkit for Safe and Caring Discussions About Sexual and Gender Minorities for Elementary Schools



Working with refugee students and families

Supporting the Mental Health of Alberta’s Refugee Students

Each day, teachers have an opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of refugee students and their families. This guide will help teachers understand the refugee experience, understand trauma, and build their capacity to attend to the needs of refugee students and their families.

Supporting Mental Health for Alberta Refugee Students

As a teacher, you have the privilege of connecting with Alberta refugees, families who have experienced forced migration and settled in our province. Every day you have a unique and extremely important opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of refugee students and their family members. Working with students with diverse needs brings its own rewards.

Working with students from immigrant families

Many children from recent immigrant families face special challenges in school—cultural, language and social. The Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation and the ATA have developed a series of resources that will be useful to teachers as they work with students and their parents.

Promoting Success with Arab Immigrant Students: Teacher Resources

Promoting Academic Success for Arab Immigrants: A Resource for Teachers

Promoting Success with Indian Immigrant Students: Teacher Resources

Resource for teachers with students from Central Africa

Teaching Filipino Immigrant Students: Resources for Success

Teaching Pakistani Immigrant Students: Resources for Success

Teaching Somali Immigrant Children: Resources for Student Success

Working with Karen Immigrant Students: Teacher Resources

Working with South Sudanese Immigrant Students—Teacher Resources

Working with faith communities

A Guide for Teachers New to Hutterian Colony Schools
With an increasing number of Hutterite colony schools in Alberta, there is growing awareness in government, postsecondary institutions and the ATA of the unique professional development needs of Hutterite colony teachers. This monograph specifically addresses those needs.

A Guide for Teachers New to Working with Low German-Speaking Mennonite Students and Communities
There are vibrant and growing communities of Low German Mennonites across Alberta. The Low German Mennonite students in Alberta schools are forming their identities and navigating two worlds simultaneously. This resource provides information about the history and cultural and religious background of the Low German Mennonites and strategies for working with these students in the classroom.

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Second Languages ​​and Intercultural Council

This ATA specialist council acts as an advocate for advancing and promoting second languages ​​and intercultural education.

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