Dr. Reddy’s forays into child nutrition space in India

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., a global pharmaceutical company, on Thursday announced the launch of CeleHealth Kidz Immuno Plus Gummies in India. The immunity supporting gummies are fortified by scientifically the combination of ingredients such as Wellmune, prebiotics and other essential vitamins and minerals.

According to Wellmune is a form of clinically studied beta-glucan and a proven ingredient to help reduce sick days in children by enhancing their innate immunity. The gummies launch marks Dr. Reddy’s entry into the child nutrition space strengthening its position in the nutraceutical segment. Its nutrition portfolio includes products in adult nutrition, child nutrition, hospital and clinical nutrition and general health & wellness.

Dr. Reddy’s flagship nutraceutical offering is the nutrition product Celevida for the dietary management of diabetes. Dr. Reddy’s CeleHealth Kidz Immuno Plus gummies aim to address nutritional requirements due to the growing issues around child immunity in India, it stated. Research indicates that more than 93.7% of children suffer from recurrent coughs and cold.

CeleHealth Kidz Immuno Plus Gummie

Such recurrent infections appear throughout the year in children especially during seasonal changes. Weakened immunity has a direct correlation with nutrition deficiencies due to picky eating habits in children.

“In view of the existing clinical data and research, the nutrition team of Dr. Reddy’s studied consumer need and developed a unique formulation with high science to help improve the innate immunity or the first line of defense in a child’s body via scientifically designed gummies with Wellmune. The product contains prebiotics to help support gut health and is a plant-based source of Vitamin D3,” it said in a statement.

Alongside, it also has other essential vitamins and minerals, making it a scientifically-backed choice in immunity nutrition supplements for kids, it added.

“In the field of medical nutrition, the starting point for us is understanding the disease area and the unmet need of patients and consumers. This helps us create a differentiated product, ie, one that is science-based and clinically proven. The consumer insights and marketing team reached out to multiple consumers to understand the need-gap in order to design the right product that they need. We also ensured that the product is palatable for patients and consumers and attractively shaped to appeal to children. Our dedicated nutraceuticals R&D laboratory has helped us design our product accordingly. As our nutraceutical portfolio expands, we see it as an important medium to long-term growth area,” MV Ramana, Chief Executive Officer, Branded Markets (India and Emerging Markets), said in a statement.

CeleHealth Kidz gummies come in two flavors – Pulpy Mango and Pink Guava. The product is available across the country in leading chemists, e-Commerce and e-Pharmacies. Currently, a pack of 30 gummies is priced at Rs. 480, it stated.

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