Dr. Vegan expands presence in heart health and women’s nutrition markets with new offerings

05 Jul 2023 — Leaning into consumer demand for clean, natural and plant-based options, UK-based Dr. Vegan launches two supplements geared toward cardiovascular support and women’s health needs.

The plant-based nutrition and supplement brand unveils HeartPro and pH Hero. The launch comes just a few months following a recent injection of private funding to accelerate innovations into the plant-based supplement space.

“We are expanding our already-extensive product range as we continue on our mission to provide consumers with the most effective, ethical supplements to support their well-being,” says the company’s co-founder, Gordon Lott.

Vegan heart health boost
According to Innova Market Insights, supplements are the top category of global product launches tracked, with cardiovascular impact claims at 62%. The top positions paired with mobility were brain-mood health, immune health, energy and stamina. Additionally, Innova highlights that natural and clean ingredient claims in supplement launches grew 13% from 2018 to 2022 (CAGR).

Dr Vegan's supplements for pH and heart healthThe heart supplement includes a proprietary blend of botanicals, probiotics, plant sterols and monacolin k (Image credit: Dr. Vegan).Dr. Vegan’s HeartPro supplement includes a proprietary blend of botanicals, probiotics, plant sterols and monacolin k to help reduce cholesterol levels. The company states that the offering contains 900 mg of phytosterols – natural and beneficial compounds found in plants – that inhibit cholesterol absorption.

The company further highlights that the product lowers cholesterol levels without the unwanted side effects sometimes associated with lipid-lowering pharmaceuticals like statins.

Supporting women’s microbiomes
The company’s second newly released supplement, pHPro, speaks to the overall trend of probiotics that address women-specific health needs.

Innova Market Insights also spotlights probiotics in supplements for female health as an active area of ​​research with expanding consumer demand.

The supplement contains a blend of five probiotic strains, prebiotics, sea buckthorn, nettle cranberry and other nutrients. It helps to promote a healthy gut and a balanced vaginal flora.

“The product is formulated with 20 billion healthy, active bacteria that are specifically chosen for their ability to help maintain a natural and healthy pH balance in the vagina, in turn protecting vaginas from infections, urinary tract infections, dryness, vaginosis and other issues, “the company says.

“Both HeartPro and pH Hero are unique, industry-leading formulas created by expert nutritionists to harness improved well-being with a minimal impact on the planet,” Lott concludes.

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