Drogba embarks on a new battle

Didier Drogba, the Ivorian legend, is launching a campaign against fake agents in partnership with FIFpro, his foundation and the International Organization of Workers (ILO). He spoke about this during a videoconference on Monday with his former teammate at Chelsea, the Indomitable Lion Geremi Njitap, as well as St├ęphane Burchkalter, former Secretary General of FIFPRO Africa.

A young African victim of a crooked agent who asks him for a fortune to take him to Europe by dangling him a trial in a prestigious club, then who finally leaves him on his own in the middle of nowhere. This scenario, many young African footballers have already experienced. According to the FIFPRO Africa survey conducted on a sample of 263 young footballers, 78% of players having been contacted by someone who said they could help them change clubs
stated that this person did not have
kept one or more of its promises. Alarming figures against which Drogba and Geremi, two former stars of world football, decided to react by launching a campaign through FIFPRO, the Didier Drogba Foundation and the International Labor Organization (ILO).

A campaign to raise awareness among young players

The principle of this campaign? Through a brochure and a video, emphasizing the awareness of young players and their families to the risks involved. Key actions of this campaign include advice and training to teach young footballers how to deal with agents in an ethical manner. Players are thus encouraged to ask them the right questions and to negotiate fair contracts. The campaign also gives them the opportunity to access expert advisers.

For young players, this prevention campaign has two major axes: learning to be wary of bogus agents under penalty of being abused and finding themselves helpless, as well as the question of expatriation. Is it really worth leaving your country, your family and your landmarks to try the exciting and perilous adventure of professional football? In short, this initiative aims to allow young talents on the African continent to ask themselves the right questions. Because while there’s a lot to be gained by becoming a professional footballer, sometimes there’s also a lot to lose when things don’t turn out the right way. And places are expensive in this environment where there are many called and very few chosen…

As of October 1, 2023, FIFA will tighten its regulations and anyone wishing to act as an agent in accordance with the applicable regulations will need to hold a license to exercise their activity. We can therefore say that this campaign led by the two former Blues in the right moment ! In any case, the initiative pleases. It will be relayed by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Federations, academies and clubs as well as training centers in Africa. Without forgetting the ministries in the countries concerned.

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