Esport – Counter-Strike – zonic: “There is something to be happy about”

“Three wins, no losses, a qualification in the quarters: Vitality entered its Major de Paris very well.
However, when you look at the field, the teams in contention, the results, there is no easy match. Going into this tournament with all this pressure on the players that we’ve been talking about for months… I’m very proud of them, how we play and especially how we respond to difficult situations. Everything is not perfect, we make mistakes, sometimes stupid ones, but the way we react, the fact of staying focused and always believing in it… There is something to be happy about.

Have you identified things to review or are these just details?
With a record of three victories and zero defeats in the Legends Stage of such a strong Major, it is above all a question of details. We will listen to the communications on Nuke again, it was tense at times but it can happen in this kind of tournaments, when you are getting close to victory. We can lose a bit of concentration and the opponent comes back. But this is not a major problem for me, there are only details.

What has changed in recent weeks to make Vitality seem so serene?
We work a lot with Mathieu (“ZywOo” Herbaut). He takes more responsibility for his teammates, especially if he feels they could do better. Everything that happened this season has an impact too: in Katowice (against Team Liquid, in February), during the Pro League (against ENCE, end of March), we felt like we lost because of our mistakes , not because we were a worse team. We used this during the preparation. We also have a sort of in-game do-or-avoid list. If we tick as many boxes as possible, then we have a good chance of winning. Our current method is good, we have a large number of maps to play on… That’s what it takes to be a contender for a Major victory.

Everyone was individually good at this Legends Stage. Recently you said you wanted ZywOo to bear a little less responsibility for the results on its shoulders. Have you reached the point where each player is able to carry the team?
We have a lot of experience in this team, dupreeh (Peter Rasmussen) and Magisk (Emil Reif), won seven Majors between them (with Astralis, and zonic as coach). They were the star players and I think they wanted to stay that way. But today dupreeh is 30 years old, he must accept that his role is different. After Katowice we talked about it together, because he was getting frustrated: “Why am I not as good as before?” We had to review these expectations and take advantage of the accumulated experience to reinvent ourselves. Since I joined Vitality, I have said that you have to succeed in creating something where everything does not depend on ZywOo. He needs to have a team behind that can win even if it’s a day off.

You have three or four days until the arena and the play offs now: what will your program be?
Everyone will have a day off on Monday. Spinx (Lotan Giladi) and Mathieu have an ongoing bet on Rocket League, face to face. I told them they wouldn’t touch another game counter strike here, but also that they could organize this duel if we finish the Legends Stage undefeated (smile). Then we’ll do some practice on the maps we haven’t played. Inferno, Mirage… We don’t really need to work on them but it’s important to refresh our memory. Finally, obviously we will review what we produced to qualify. If our future opponents want to analyze our game, I hope we can surprise them. »

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