ESS: A trick match

A perilous trip awaits the players of Etoile du Sahel. The Storks are intractable in Béja, formidable and tough. Beware of the trap!

Facing Olympique de Béja, one week before its Tunisian Cup final, is synonymous with a trap match par excellence. There are matches that you have to know how to win, even if it means sacrificing the way, to accumulate points. In such a context, only the result counts. The ESS, which totals 5 victories in these play-offs, must remain in good working order. Mobilize on the ground and find all the concentration required. In recent days, the festivities of the soon to be centenary club which celebrated its 98th anniversary have mobilized many former players. The latter launched messages of support and encouragement to the players in their march towards the return to the national elite, through obtaining better sporting results. In the meantime, training is taking place with concentration and rigor for the majority of players, like Youssef Abdelli or Fehmi Ben Romdhane. Sometimes all smiles, like the foreign African trio or the doorman Ali Jemal who struggle to emerge as beneficiaries of the efforts and exercises at the M’hamed Maârouf stadium. Moreover, the return of Yassine Chikhaoui to training is likely to raise the morale of the group, which will eventually be able to count on its maestro during the last matches.

The same frame

The returning formation begins to consolidate with each match with the usual pistons, so that we should not expect too many surprises. The regularity of certain players, particularly offensive, gives a margin of insurance up front. The neo-scorer Chamakhi, whom we have not seen again at such a party, is a new solution in attack alongside foreigners such as Boutmene, good but less effective or Bongonga. Ali Jemal, who goes on a second full game without conceding a goal, finds good feelings having only conceded a goal in 3 games. In defense, Zied Boughattas. Jasser Khemiri and Alaya Brigui stand out. Another defender should start alongside them, either Naouali or Ghedamsi or a revived player. Mbé, Sidibé, who pushed back the grass, Ben Hassine and Hamza Jelassi are at the service of the coach to occupy the midfield. In front, there is the embarrassment of choice with Boutmene, Oussama Abid and others.

Depending on the suspensions for warning even if the Stars did not collect any cards in the last match against USBG and the unavailability of certain players like Houssem Ben Ali, Faouzi Benzarti will stop his starting lineup. The most competitive to bring a good result out of its bases. In a press release, we learn that the star-studded public will ultimately not be able to travel to the Boujemaa Kmiti stadium “despite the considerable efforts made by the Olympique Béja committee to allow ESS supporters to attend the match” . It was decided that the match would take place “without the presence of the invited public and that the local public would suffice”. An unconvincing explanation that leaves supporters on the dock…

crédit photo : © Mokhtar HMIMA

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