Football in Flers: Samuel Aubry, specific preparation of players with data

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The physical trainer collects data during practices and matches, then plans the sessions.
The physical trainer collects data during practices and matches, then plans the sessions. ©The fighting Orne

This is the ritual before each workout. The players of FC Flers (Orne) attach a sensor at ankle level to their strong foot. This little tool collects all the data from the player during a coaching or a match.

Precious figures for Samuel Aubry, who arrived at the club in 2020 and specializes in the field of a physical training.

A regional innovation

Flerian players are the only ones to use this technology at the regional level. “We collect the data live during the session where the match. We will focus on the figures that interest us such as the distance traveled, the number of races carried out at high intensity…

This allows us to see the form of the player, his fatigue“, details the fitness trainer of the flérien club.

Personalized analysis and planning

A secret weapon that allows them toanalyzeof to plan and of personalize their workouts. “Following the match, we collect as much information as possible to build the training week. In direct contact with coach Tony Rouillon, Samuel Aubry determines the degrees ofintensity and of volume of the training session.

Physical preparation is an ever-evolving field. It is a daily update.

Players also have a role to play by completing a daily questionnaire. “They are equipped with an app on their phone to assess their stresstheir sleeptheir feed. In addition, after each session, they evaluate their sensations And felt to quantify their work. »

Goals every week

A collection of data necessary to manage the states of form of each. The flérien staff favors a weekly planning.

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Collecting these figures allows staff to manage fatigue in their workforce by modifying the volume and intensity of training.
The collection of these figures allows the staff to manage the fatigue of its workforce. ©The fighting Orne

We try to be as close as possible to our effective. “Each week, the staff evaluates specific criteria and the players have a goal to achieve. “For example, if a attacker covers 10 kilometers during the match, he will have 20 kilometers to cover throughout the week in training. »

Individual management

This strategy allows players to be developed individually for more progress. specific. A customization that can be found even in the gamescoaching. “For example, if a player is tired, we place him in support or as a joker to put less strain on him. » Precision mechanics.

A balance between data and sensations

A platform collects all the data. The progress of this mission makes it possible to begin to have a certain perspective on the group to compare and judge with a reference frame.

The computer is an indispensable tool, but the fitness trainer continue to pay attention to feelings. “It’s not just the data… You also have to see the faces, the reactions. A balance to be found.

As an amateur, you constantly adapt, depending on the result, the psychological situation, the opponent…

A commitment in the figures with one objective: to prevent injuries. “It took a year of running in after Covid-19 for organizations to get used to this new way of working. This season, we notice fewer players at theInfirmary. “A paying investment for the club which has put the means to live up to its ambitions.

Samuel Aubry, the physical trainer of FC Flers
Samuel Aubry, the physical trainer of FC Flers arrived at the club in 2020. ©L’Orne combatante

International training in Lille

Samuel Aubry began by spending his coaching diplomasbefore turning to the a physical training. A graduate of an international training in Lille (Nord), the man, originally from Dinan (Côtes-d’Armor), rubbed shoulders with the best at the French level: Martin Buchheit, Frédéric Aubert…

“I had the chance to talk with the physical trainers other sports. It’s enriching and complementary,” emphasizes the native Breton.

A performance center next year

FC Flers continues to structure itself. For next season, the club will set up a performance pole. Currently, the physical trainer is supported by Mathis Lecerf Gosselin who oversees the training center (U14, U15, U16). The team will be expanded in 2024 with the arrival of Baptiste, who will take care of seniors B and C, and Flora, who will guide thesoccer school. “This strategy aims to develop the characteristics of the youngest. »

Another step in the progression of the club. An advance by the figures, that the rise in N3 would come to approve by the ground.

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