From 26 to 73 years old, these are the new and “young” recruits of the bar of Tarn-et-Garonne

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The table of the Bar Association of Tarn-et-Garonne 2023 saw the entry of new lawyers with Marilou Barthe, Geoffroy Boggia and Jean-Paul Nouhaud. New recruits who have joined the Montalban law firm Lévi – Egea.

Brand new black dress, Marilou, Geoffroy and Jean-Paul have a smile on their face. These three “young” lawyers registered on the roll of the Bar Association of Tarn-et-Garonne in 2022 and 2023, joined the Montalban law firm Lévi – Egea located rue Jules-Michelet, in Montauban.

At 26, Marilou Barthe, the youngest of the promotion, has already taken her first steps during the correctional hearings of the Montauban court. This young woman from Toulouse, who was studying science, finally embraced a career in law after seeing a film about Badinter.

With her two master’s degrees in criminal law and criminal sciences, Marilou became a trainee lawyer at Lévi – Egea in March 2022. “I wanted to start in a small bar all in state in a large firm”, assures Me Barthe who agreed to become an associate in this Tarn-et-Garonne institution.

His colleague, Geoffroy Boggia, who is barely two years older than his colleague, is already almost a veteran of the Montalban cabinet.

This Lot-et-Garonnais from Beauville, did his first internship alongside his tenor Me Jean-Lou Lévi in ​​2014. Since then, he has never really left the firm. Specialized in social and health law, Geoffroy first worked as a lawyer in the firm before obtaining his CAPA (certificate of aptitude for the legal profession). “My vocation came from the age of 10, I have always been against injustice”, he testifies.

The eldest of the gang and of the firm, Jean-Paul Nouhaud, at the height of his 73 years, has one of the most singular profiles within the Tarn-et-Garonne bar.

Originally from Périgord, this engineer by training who was 37 years senior executive of the Orange group in particular as interregional director of the Antilles, then of Aquitaine, in spite of himself took his “retirement” in 2009 having reached the age limit.

The young retiree who can’t sit still can’t imagine ending his active life in this way. He thinks to occupy himself by becoming a local judge. After training at the ENM (national school of the judiciary) to update his training in law, he ultimately does not exercise his mandate.

In the meantime, he teaches at Polytechnique in Bordeaux. There remains a frustration for the septuagenarian, that of not having been able to be a lawyer. The retiree does not loosen up, he goes through the bridges offered by his training and experience.

Received, he embraces at 72 the career he had dreamed of. “The Lévi firm was looking for a collaborating lawyer: I applied. They were generous in welcoming me despite my atypical profile,” confirms Me Jean-Paul Nouhaud, who already made his first immediate appearances on December 30.

“I feel like a teenager”, testifies with a broad smile the septuagenarian who says “to have finally found his way”.

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