Gabriel, son of Miriam and Emmanuel Bleuse, is no stranger to cinema!

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Miriam Bleuse, the new candidate for “Large families, life in the sun” is indeed the mother of a well-known actor. His son, Gabriel, has been working in this industry for some time. And recently, Miriam shared a video of one of his shoots on his Instagram account.

Discover the Bleuse in “Large Families”

For nearly three years now, viewers have been able to see a glimpse of what it’s like to be the leader of a great tribe. “Large Families” has met with enormous success since its first broadcast and even if some clans have decided to leave the show, the latter is still continuing on TF1.

Every summer, since 2021, the channel has been broadcasting the “life in the sun” version of the program. Thus, it is families who live in heavenly places that open their doors to TF1 cameras. And this year again, new clans have joined the show. Among them, we can count the Bleuse.

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The latter is made up of the mother, Miriam and Emmanuel, the father and their eight children. Their names are Gabriel, Liam, Raphaël, Noam, Alicia, Olivia, Lino and Emmi. The big family has been living under the Balearic sun for 15 years now and they seem very fulfilled.

In their family, art has a big place since all of Miriam Bleuse’s children play musical instruments. On social networks, Emmanuel had confided in particular on this subject. Proud, he says he is ” happy “ that ” images “ of their lives as musicians are broadcast on the program “Familles grandes” on TF1. He is convinced that this could make accessible classical music.

Their eldest is a known actor

In the Bleuse family, there are not only musicians. Indeed, their eldest, in addition to being passionate about music, also works in the world of the seventh art. Gabriel left the family home a very long time ago and seems to have found his way.

The son of Miriam Bleuse has already played in several fictions, including in “Death Clock”, in 2018 and “Folly” in 2020. Very talented, Gabriel has also tried his hand at directing. In fact, the young man directed his own film in 2021 and it’s called “A Free Woman.”

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Very proud of her son, the candidate for “Large Families” wanted to pay tribute to him on social networks. The mother shared a video of one of Gabriel’s shoots, along with an adorable message.

“He is increasingly busy, he evolves in a universe that is completely foreign to me. But he tells me. All. “, she wrote.

The reactions of Internet users

As we could see, Gabriel is very close to his mother. And despite his busy schedule, the young man always finds time to talk to his family.

“He talks to me about his friends, his teammates, his meetings as if I knew them too. Almost every day, after midnight, he calls us, once the house is asleep,” she said. in his publication.

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Faced with the post of the candidate of “Large families”, Internet users obviously did not fail to react. Many are complimenting Gabriel in the comments. Most say that the young man is made for the cinema.

“He has such a ‘mouth’ to do this job”, can we read.

Comments that will surely please the eldest of Miriam and Emmanuel. There is no doubt that his dad, like his mom, is also proud of his career in this environment.

A former participant of “Large Families” loses her father

By integrating “Large Families”, on TF1, some mothers achieve a certain fame. This is particularly the case of Amandine Pellissard who, despite her departure, still fascinates the media. Very active on social networks, the one who converted to X with her husband shared very bad news some time ago.

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Indeed, on his account, Leo’s mother had revealed to his fans that she lost her father. The latter, according to her, breathed her last on March 18, 2023, but she only learned of his disappearance on May 3.
Devastated, the companion of Alexandre Pellissard expressed her grief.

“There I am badly, at worst, I just think of you and the regrets that go with it”, she wrote.

There is no doubt that Amandine Pellissard was able to count on the support of her family in dealing with this terrible news.

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