Gill Fitness Training offers different environment for his clients

A new option for personal and private exercise training is available in uptown Martinsville with grand opening of Gill Fitness Training.

Gill Fitness Training, located at 10 East Church St., offers semi-private personal training with classes of no more than three or four people, Gill Fitness Training Owner Devyn Gill said.

On top of his new business, Gill works as a physical therapy assistant at Bassett Physical Therapy on Brookdale Street and has been training clients at both Planet Fitness and Gym 24, but those location were missing something for his clientele.

“I just noticed, especially in the evening times, a lot of gyms are really crowded,” he said. “A lot of people have gym anxiety, things of that nature. Ladies they go to the gym and get harassed a lot of times.”

Gill said the motivation behind his new business is to give those people that may not feel comfortable in a traditional gym setting an environment where they can feel comfortable.

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Gill’s services differ from what other gyms offer in that it is not an open gym format.

Many gyms, when clients sign up for training, get a trainer at those gyms but still workout within the public gym space, Gill said. At his establishment clients come directly to him and work in personalized, small sessions without the distraction of other people around them.

“You get that more private feel so you don’t have a gym full of people staring at you while you’re doing these exercises,” Gill added.

Signing up is a cost of $200 a month which includes a total body workout over the duration of three in-person sessions a week, meal plans and diet recommendations and merchandise. Another option is a virtual membership that costs $100 and includes a customized training plan, meal plan and diet recommendations, merchandise and home workouts.

The total body workout will consist of training for all muscle groups being used for compound exercises that ensure the entire body is trained, the website states. Lower body workouts will train quads, hamstrings and core muscles to build a foundation for a progression training regime.

Upper body workouts will entail back, chest and shoulder exercises to build postural and core strengthening.

Gill said he welcomes clients from all walks of life and has trained people from athletes trying to get into professional sports to train patients at Bassett Physical Therapy.

“It’s literally the whole spectrum,” he said.

“First and foremost, and I say this all the time, this would not be possible without God,” Gill said at the ribbon cutting for the business on Thursday. He added that the business would also not have come together without the help of his parents, Leon Gill Jr. and Reba Gill or his wife Tosia Gill.

Moving his business from public gyms to his own private space has been a goal of his for a while, he said.

“I tell everyone I just have faith in God … I know that if he can part the red sea he can surely work out a gym,” Gill said.

The official opening was Saturday, in honor of both his and his mother’s birthday, but Gill is already working with clients and appointments can be made for sessions through a link on the Facebook page Gill Fitness Training.

“This is just a stepping stone and you know I tell everybody ‘the elevator doesn’t go down,’” Gill said. “We’re on our way up. We’re just getting started.”

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