Great prospects for footballers

Coulanges-les-Nevers. Great prospects for USC Football. Even if it is a little early to take stock of a sports season, a few matches from the verdict, USC Football finds itself in an extraordinary situation.

Indeed, the four senior teams are at the top of their respective departmental championships. Flag team, unbeaten, best attack, best defense, three games to go

seems in a good position to go up, as does the first reserve (two more matches). The objective announced by the club at the start of the season.

A rediscovered “club” spirit

Team C, formed to allow ex-18s to play (three more matches), created a surprise. In these performances, we must not forget the women’s team which occupies the head of its criterium, despite penalty points inflicted at the start of the season, for having played two players who were too young.

Gathered at the clubhouse last Friday, managers Anthoni Parotta (and Gérard Provost), Yohan Descaillaux, Alcino Costa (and Stéphane Marsac) and president Sylvain Lepage, after this almost perfect first run, did not want to sell the skin of the club. ‘bear before you have it…

Modestly, they evoke the large workforce (more than sixty footballers at the start of the season), new players of good level, a good osmosis between the old and the young, the seriousness in training (between 35 and 40 present) and the rediscovered “club” spirit.

“We already have great motivating prospects for next season, with additional locker rooms and a synthetic pitch at Saules,” said the president. This year, with only one pitch and many matches (nine Coulange teams competing), the pitch has deteriorated and USC is struggling to end the season. “We play our home games on the Magny-Cours pitch, generously loaned by the local club. “A few weeks before the end of the championships (June 4), the group is motivated and does not want to skip the stages.

Still qualified in the District Cup.

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