GymBird Wants to Pay You $10,000 for Walking 10,000 Steps

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Walking is no longer a boring bipedal drag that simply gets you from A to B. The low-impact activity can be a fantastic fitness routine in its own right thanks to its positive effects across your cardiovascular system, mental health and more. Now those daily strolls can be a boost to your wallet, too, through a unique opportunity from an emerging brand.

GymBird, a budding fitness resource company, is seeking to hire a “Chief Step Officer” to walk 10,000 steps in a single day. This new hire will document their journey for an entire month as they work toward this step count — and will be paid $10,000 for their efforts.

Sure, developing healthy, sustainable fitness habits pays off in the long run, but an current payday for an activity we all know and perform? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Does a “Chief Step Officer” Do?

The end goal of this interesting role is to tally 10,000 steps in a 24-hour period, but naturally, not everyone can take on that challenge from the jump. So, GymBird is asking its “CSO” to document their training progress throughout the month-long journey, sharing insights, thoughts and feelings about the experience in weekly video recaps, written reports and social media posts. “You can clock your steps however you like: hiking, using a treadmill, doing laps at the mall, climbing stairs or exploring your neighborhood,” the brand states. “It’s up to you!”

At the end of the month and completion of the 10,000-step challenge, the Chief Step Officer will then have a 20-minute debrief with GymBird’s co-founder and Chief Content Officer, outlining the experience as a whole. All reports throughout the month will be shared via the brand’s website, serving as inspiration for others to develop their own walking routine for better fitness (without the $10,000 purse, of course). Additionally, the brand will supply its Chief Step Officer with a smartwatch to help log and monitor their progress as they race (err, walk) toward the 10k goal.

Who Can Apply?

According to the brand, the ideal candidate is an athlete willing and excited to take the next “step” in their fitness journey. No prior fitness knowledge or experience is required, but applicants need to be at least 18 years of age and must be a United States citizen or permanent legal resident. Naturally, applicants also need to have access to social media channels to fulfill the documentation requirements of the role.

Applications for this unique opportunity are being accepted now until July 19 at 11:59 pm MST. If you feel the need for strolling speed, be sure to get your application in here.

Of course, you can’t show up on your first day unprepared, right? A proper pair of walking shoes can be the perfect companion piece for your upcoming journey toward 10,000 steps. Below are a few of our favorite silhouettes for this low-impact yet high-reward activity. For even more top profiles, be sure to read our full guide to the best walking shoes.



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