harassed after “The Voice”, she confides in this difficult period of her life

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Do you think Louane’s life has been a long calm river since she participated in “The Voice”? Well, you are completely wrong. During a recent interview, the companion of Florian Rossi confided in the harassment she suffered following his participation in the famous tele-hook of TF1.

Louane did not have it easy

If today, she is one of the greatest singers of this generation, Louane had a rather complicated life before she became famous. Recently, she confided in the magazine Psychologies and remembered her childhood.

When she was little, Louane didn’t have any friends at all at school, as soon as she has entered the school environment.

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“When I got back to kindergarten, something broke and I never had any friends again,” she said.

An era that continues to mark the beautiful young woman. The latter tended to celebrate her birthdays at that time and invited ” all the class “. However, according to Louane, only ” three or four “ children came to celebrate this special day with her. The other students, according to him, made him live a nightmare.

“Others harassed me and I had to change schools six times,” she said.

Louane confides in the harassment she suffered after
Louane attends the AMI fashion show on June 23, 2022 in Paris, France – Photo credits: Getty Images

The hell continued after “The Voice”

As a reminder, the French met Louane in 2013. At that time, the interpreter of “Day 1” participated in “The Voice” and was only 16 years old. She had amazed the coaches of the program by interpreting “A happy man” by William Sheller.

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Finally, Louane chose to join the team of Louis Bertignac, who was one of his favorite singers. And even if Esme’s mother did not win the competition, she was one of the emblematic candidates of “The Voice” at that time.

But if his participation in this musical competition could make his career take off, Louane will never forget the harassment she had suffered after that. In high school, she recalled, we had it all the time associated with TF1’s flagship program. However, Louane did everything to no longer suffer the harassment she had suffered in primary school.

“For my entry into high school, I wanted to go far away, to a boarding school, and I did everything to ensure that it never happened again. I started having a few friends,” she said.

But it did not last long, if we are to believe the revelations of Louane.

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“TV arrived and it was screwed: I had no first name, they called me ‘The Voice’ and again, they made fun of me,” she recalled.

Another episode that will remain etched in Louane’s memory.

Louane’s secrets on the death of her parents

The harassment she had suffered was not the only thing that marked Louane’s life. The beautiful blonde also had lost both parents within a year of each other when she was only 16 years old. The two died following an illness, as revealed by the companion of Florian Rossi.

“I can’t imagine for a second how they must have felt about leaving us,” she said.

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However, despite their fear, according to Louane, her parents did everything to ensure that their children did not miss anything after their disappearance. Of course, this loss completely turned the life of the musician upside down.

Following these two sad events, she did not want to be a mother. At the time, she was very afraid of death. But her meeting with Florian changed everything and now she is the happy mother of a little girl.

His declarations to his darling

While Louane did not want to experience motherhood, fate decided otherwise. In 2020, the interpreter of “Day 1” became pregnant and has, subsequently, gave birth to a baby girl named Esme. It is thanks to her relationship with Florian Rossi that Louane was able to become a mother.

Like the young woman, Florian also works in the world of music. Very attached to the father of her child, she did not hesitate to make a nice statement during his appearance in “50′ Inside”.

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” I am in love ! “, she says.

The beautiful blonde considers herself a 17-year-old teenager “with eyes in heart”. Between her and Florian Rossi, according to her, it was obvious. The young woman is therefore fulfilled thanks to her darling, but also thanks to their daughter, who is already having fun doing ” a concert “ at their home.

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