Health. Cotentin: before the retirement of the last doctor, this village is looking for a replacement

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Mayor Daniel Denis has just launched a communication campaign to try to find new doctors in Saint-Pierre-Eglise (Manche).
Mayor Daniel Denis has just launched a communication campaign to try to find new doctors in Saint-Pierre-Eglise (Manche). (©Nathalie BONNEMAINS)

The municipality of Saint-Pierre-Eglise (Manche) has just put up huge banners at the entrance to the village and on the pediment of the town hall with the intention of capturing the eye and raising awareness population and the practitioners around the issue of medical desert.

Our last doctor will soon be retiring, while his colleague has just left his office to practice in the municipality of Valognes. We anticipate. This is why we decided, unanimously at the level of the municipal council, to make a communication campaign around the search for doctors. Our municipality of 1,800 inhabitants, with a cantonal population pool of around 8,500, is in danger of suffering from the retirement of our last doctor. The situation is critical, but we hope through this campaign, to reach health professionals.

Daniel Dennis the mayor

In 2015, there were three doctors in the municipality of Saint-Pierre. The haemorrhage began with the retirement of one of them, who, having failed to find a doctor likely to take over his patient practice, closed his practice.

The recent surprise move of the second to Valognes forces his patients to go to Valognes insofar as the last who exercises in the town no longer takes new patients.

Three doctors in 2015

“In the town, we have two pharmaciesa firm of physiotherapy and many nurses some of whom work within the same structure which adjoins the medical office recently left vacant and which is designed to accommodate two doctors”, underlines the mayor.

Before continuing: “Our municipality is attractive with the community activitiesTHE schools And collegesquality sports and cultural structures and a commercial activity rich and very complementary. A quality living environment for doctors who would like to practice in a town on a human scale”.

From our correspondent Nathalie BONNEMAINS

“Saint-Pierre-Eglise is looking for doctors”. Contact in town hall on 02 33 54 33 09.

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