Henri Kox participated in the EU Home Affairs Council


Henri Kox, Minister of Homeland Security

Henri Kox, Minister of Homeland Security

Fight against drug trafficking

Within the framework of the “Schengen Council” format, initiated under the French presidency last year and regularly intended to provide an overview of the state of the Schengen area in order to strengthen its political governance, the ministers, among other discussed the fight against drug trafficking. The need for a global approach was reiterated in particular, such as the usefulness of the EMPACT multidisciplinary platform, but also the new thematic evaluation tool for the Schengen area which will focus, for its first version, on the fight against drug trafficking within the framework of police cooperation.

The implementation of interoperability

The ministers were informed of the state of play relating to the implementation of the interoperability of exchange systems at the service of police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, the protection of the EU’s external borders and the management of migration. This follows the delay in setting up certain systems announced at the last JHA Council and which, as a result, shifts the overall implementation schedule.

The Russian War of Aggression in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine was also discussed. In particular, the structured dialogue on internal security between the European Union and Ukraine and cooperation with Moldova were discussed.

A high-level expert group on data access

Also discussed was the establishment of the High Level Expert Group on Effective Data Access for the Law Enforcement Community. Indeed, the latter finds itself increasingly in a situation where it can no longer fully exercise its prerogatives in view of technological developments. The increase in online crime without the police having access to electronic data for fundamental rights reasons is a real challenge. This group will therefore have the task of seeking horizontal solutions, taking care to preserve the delicate balance between the need for law enforcement authorities not to be blind on the one hand and, on the other hand, the essential respect for the right to privacy by example.

The ministers’ working lunch focused, in a restricted circle, on the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

Released by the Department of Homeland Security

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