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Claudio Capéo, this hoarse voice which was revealed by “The Voice 5” and accordionist, is an artist from Italy. The man, who was born in January 1985, never expected his time on the show to give a boost to a music career.

Indeed, upon the release of his first album in 2016, the French singer ended up at the number one sales chart in the country. In a snap of the fingers, the title “A standing man” from the album climbed the ranks of the top hit of the time.

For the artist, it was a great upheaval in his life, even if it means confusing the head of the family.

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Claudio Capéo in “50’inside”: he delivered how he experienced his sudden popularity

On Saturday May 13, 2023, for the portrait, Nikos Aliagas had as a guest in “50’inside” the famous Claudio Capéo. It was during their interview that the French singer revealed the shock he received on becoming popular. For the brilliant artist, his debut on stage was unfortunately very dark.

As Gentside reported in 2019, the former ‘The Voice’ season 5 contestant had a burnout. It was especially the “lack of contact” with his own who triggered the click in the musician. Indeed, going on tour had forced the father of the family to move away from them to be alone in your hotel room.

For the one who was there only for the music, the spangled world of the stars did not suit him at all and made him uncomfortable. In the end, the man obviously managed to overcome this dark passage of his life. Without his family, in Alsace, he would not have succeeded in doing so.

His family, his Alsace, his “little corner of paradise”

Between Claudio Capéo and music, love is indeed present. Only, before his life as an artist, man puts his family first. Moreover, when their second child was born, the head of the family decided to put his music career on hold. He had specified that he was going to stay at home for a month or two, according to Purepeople’s report in April 2019.

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In a relationship with a pretty florist, who gave him two beautiful children, he above all enjoys living his family life in Alsace. As he revealed to Nikos Aliagas, for nothing in the world, he will not leave his ” little piece of heaven “.

Indeed, it is there that the interpreter of “Chez toi” rests and enjoys his family and his friends. And in his spare time, Claudio Capéo obviously likes to maintain his haven of peace by taking care of his lawn.

Claudio Capéo and Aurélie, 18 years of love

Apparently, Claudio Capéo enjoys his life in his small Alsatian village surrounded by his children and his dear and tender. Between the florist and the accordionist, they have been making perfect love for more than 15 years.

According to the words of the interpreter of “Ma jolie”, they grew up together and know each other by heart. His back and forth between the stage and the house have in no way affected the bond that has united them since the beginning of their relationship.

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Besides, each time he comes home, it’s as if they met for the “first time”, delivered the singer. Thanks to her and their two children, the singer who found himself under the pressure of fame managed to overcome his burnout.

It is certainly for this reason that he does not wish to abandon his simple life in his small village in the north of France.

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