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On May 18, Bernadette Chirac celebrated her 90th birthday. She thus celebrated the big day in the presence of her family, including her only grandson, Martin Rey-Chirac.

The same day, the latter granted an interview to Gala. The opportunity for the young man to send a message full of love, tenderness and admiration to his beloved grandmother.

Bernadette Chirac: a devoted politician

Bernadette Chirac is probably no longer to present. Born on May 18, 1933, she is a well-known politiciannotably known as the wife of the former president, who unfortunately died in 2019, Jacques Chirac.

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For the record, it was during her graduate studies at the IEP in Paris, that she met the latter. She then married him in 1956. And from their union were born two daughters, including Laurence, born in 1958, and Claude, born in 1962.

Apart from the latter, Jacques and Bernadette Chirac also welcomed Anh Dào Traxel into their family. They found her in 1979 at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, and made her their daughter.

Bernadette Chirac celebrates her 90th birthday: Her grandson Martin made a beautiful statement to her
Bernadette Chirac at the Olympia on February 15, 2016 in Paris – Photo credits: Getty Images

Regarding her career, Bernadette Chirac has had a lot of success in politics. In 1979, she worked as General Counsel of Corrèze for the canton of Corrèze. Then, thanks to her husband who became supreme head of the French state in 1995, she acquired the position of First Lady.

Apart from his political career, the widow of Jacques Chirac has also done many charitable actions. She is also very involved in the field. And one of the most famous of his charitable actions is that of the Yellow Pieces.

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She left the spotlight

Bernadette Chirac worked for her country for many years. However, since the disappearance of her husband in September 2019, she became very quiet.

Journalist Catherine Nay had also confided in an interview that she no longer has contact with the famous politician.

“I can’t tell if she’s fine (…) As soon as her father started to be sick, she dismissed the journalists (…) And it was the same with her mother, who is still very fragile”, she said.

In fact, one of the reasons the nonagenarian decided to step out of the limelight is her compromised health. However, not to worry the French, his family is still trying to hear from him.

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In any case, this is what his daughter, Claude Chirac, has always done, as when she was one day interviewed by the daily La Montagne.

“My family destiny meant that, a few years ago, I made the choice to accompany my parents in a more fragile moment of life,” she declared in the columns of the newspaper,

before entrusting:

“It’s a choice that thousands of families make. Others choose to install their parents in institutions. There is no right or wrong choice”.

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The tender message of his grandson for his birthday

It is not only his daughter, Claude, who gives news of Bernadette Chirac, who has disappeared from the radar for years. His only grandson Martin Rey-Chirac also did it.

On May 18, the day of the birthday of the widow of Jacques Chirac, the young man gave an interview to the magazine Gala. He took the opportunity to pay tribute to his grandmother, by making a beautiful and tender declaration.

Bernadette Chirac celebrates her 90th birthday: Her grandson Martin made a beautiful statement to her
Bernadette Chirac and Martin Rey-Chirac at the Quai Branly Museum on June 20, 2016 in Paris, France – Photo credits: Getty Images

During his interview, Martin Rey-Chirac first let it be known that the politician was surrounded by her family on her birthday. He him then showed his affection with great tendernesssaying:

“I am happy to experience this moment of family celebration with my grandmother Bernadette, or Bernie for those close to her, to show her my immense affection and my admiration for who she is and for everything she has done during her life “.

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He then added:

“She is for me a model of intelligence, tenacity, finesse, but also firmness when necessary. I thank her for everything she taught me, gave, passed on, everything that makes me strong today”.

All our best wishes of happiness to this great lady who, despite the hardships she went through during her life, never gave up.

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