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Following the sudden departure of Matthieu Delormeau and the silence of the columnists, viewers were both disappointed and unhappy with the attitude of Cyril Hanouna’s team. So, in order to make things clear, Bernard Montiel, the one who replaced the host on his show, came out of the silence.

Viewers criticize Bernard Montiel

The news fell on Friday, May 12, 2023 and it had the effect of a bomb. Matthieu Delormeau took to his Twitter account to tell his fans that he leaves “TPMP” and “TPMP People”the C8 shows in which we have seen the young man in recent years.

His announcement was brutal since he was a favorite of the public in both programs. After he shared this news, Bernard Montiel in turn spoke out and revealed to Internet users that he will now be in control of the old show of Matthieu Delormeau, namely the “TPMP People”.

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On the side of Cyril Hanouna and the other columnists of “TPMP”, there was total silence. None of them mentioned the departure of the beautiful blond and no one mentioned his name, not even once during the broadcasts that followed. Similarly, Bernard Montiel did not mention the name of his predecessor in “TPMP People”.

Faced with his silence, the fans therefore began to criticize him. According to them, the new presenter of the program should at least thank Matthieu Delormeau for what he has accomplished in recent years. They spoke of a lack of respect on the part of Bernard Montiel. Following this, the columnist took the floor.

Bernard Montiel breaks the silence

Faced with all the criticism he had received since he hosted “TPMP People”, Bernard Montiel did not sit idly by. Animator wanted to dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s. For this, he took over his Twitter account and ranted on Tuesday, May 16, 2023.

“Last time I write on TPMP People! (…) It is at the request of the former host, not out of lack of respect not to mention his name. And your questions, ask him directly! “, did he declare.

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Very cash and very clear words. The one who is approaching his 70th birthday, in particular, clarified in his publication that:

“the show continues until the end of June as planned”.

A news that should delight viewers.

The relationship that Bernard Montiel had with this famous actress

If Bernard Montiel is a real success in his career on television, he has always been discreet about his private life. However, there are still some personal details that we know about the “TPMP” columnist. We know, for example, that the handsome brunette has already been in a relationship with a famous actress.

This is Faye Dunaway. At the time of their meeting, as told by Bernard Montiel, he worked at the radio station of Saint-Tropez during the summer of 1995.

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“She came to see me. She was very nice,” he said.

Bernard Montiel was ” surprised “ to see the actress at that time. This movie buff was ” amazed “ by meeting the actress who is now 82 years old. However, their love affair did not last long. They still stayed in touch, although the Cyril Hanouna columnist noticed a lot of change in Faye Dunaway since their last meeting.

Is he currently in a relationship?

Very discreet about his love life, Bernard Montiel rarely reveals details on this subject. But sometimes he makes exceptions and indulges a little bit. This was in particular what he had done in June 2022 on the set of “TPMP”.

After watching a sequence from a special Valentine’s Day program, Cyril Hanouna wanted to know a little more about the private lives of his columnists. Of course, he has not forgotten Bernard Montiel. The latter then responded by saying clearly that he wasn’t looking for a wife at this moment.

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“Honestly no couple I don’t want, I never wanted,” he said.

Bernard Montiel then clarified that he had never been unfaithful, without giving more details. Obviously, the stories of the heart, it is not made for the new host of “TPMP People”. It seems that the handsome brunette would rather focus on his career than on women.

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