How Apple wants to become your sports coach

  • The update to iOS 17 brings some very welcome new features for Fitness+ users
  • In particular, they will be able to personalize their training according to their needs.
  • Over time, this service has gained favor with Apple customers

The event of this Monday January 5 was rich in announcements at Apple. On the hardware side, we think in particular of the Vision Pro helmet and the new Macs. The keynote was also interesting in the software part with in particular the presentation of iOS 17 which will be available for everyone next September. This operating system will precisely offer new features that should delight Apple Fitness+ users.

Chief among them is the Custom Plans option. Concretely, you will be able to set up a unique training and meditation program that meets your expectations. In detail, it will thus be possible to choose the days, the duration, the types of training, but also the coaches and the music which will be broadcast.

Among the activities offered, we find dance, bodybuilding (High Intensity Interval Training in particular), cycling, meditation, pilates, and the list goes on and on. On its site, Apple also specifies that thousands of video and audio sessions are included.

iOS 17 also includes a “Stacks” option in Apple Fitness+. The latter allows you to choose several training sessions to practice at the same time. This feature is especially for anyone who likes to juggle practices in the same session.

Sessions for all levels

An Audio Focus function is also going to be included and it will allow you to accentuate the music or the voice of the trainer during each workout. Again, it depends on individual expectations.

Apple also plans, and this remains a little more anecdotal, to revamp its sharing tab to highlight your activities with your friends, and in particular the sessions practiced and the rewards obtained.

As a reminder, Apple Fitness+ is billed at the price of 10 euros per month or 80 euros per year. As we can see with these new features, the Cupertino company is improving its service to make it ever more attractive.

If it does not totally replace a real sports coach, the application offers a rather impressive variety of exercises. It also has the advantage of including many sessions that do not require specific equipment. Apple Fitness+ also includes a wide range of workouts that can appeal to beginners of all ages, and it’s a very significant democratization of sport.

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