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No, jumping rope is not child’s play: on the contrary, it is one of the best exercises to do, and a few minutes are enough to leave you short of breath, arms and legs sore. If you do it right, this exercise can even help you transform your body in 30 days. The Goal Guys, YouTubers specializing in fitness, have made a name for themselves by imagining new challenges to prove the effectiveness of exercises. They once tried to master one-arm push-ups and exercises to reduce body fat in a month, and now one of them, Brendan Jones, has decided to put his fitness, body and cardiovascular health put to the test with a brutal 30-day jump rope challenge.

“Jump rope is one of the most underrated exercises. It’s not expensive. You can practice almost anywhere without taking up space. In addition, it allows you to target different areas of the body and perform a unique workout,” explains Jones Brendan. Don’t forget that jumping rope is a popular exercise for boxers, which means two things: firstly, it works, and secondly, it’s more demanding than it is in your playground memories.

What interests Brendan Jones are the cardiovascular benefits of jumping rope. He wanted to know if this challenge could be better than the 30 minutes of cardio he does while running, but, in the process, he also ended up transforming his body and burning more calories than ever before. “The higher the number of METs [NdR – Metabolic Equivalent of Task, soit l’équivalent métabolique d’une tâche] is higher, the higher your heart rate and the more calories you burn during the workout,” says Brendan Jones.

How many calories do you burn jumping rope?

The YouTuber claims that jumping rope for 10 minutes produces a MET of 12.3, a higher figure than he gets jogging for 30 minutes. So he decided to change his normal running routine to jump rope for 30 minutes over the next 30 days to measure the improvement in his cardiovascular health.

Train to jump rope and lose weight

His plan was “simple”: he had to do 3-minute circuits of jump rope with 1 minute of rest (which he later increased to 5-minute circuits with 1 minute of rest) between each circuit until what he achieves is 30 minutes, repeating the exercise for 30 days to see how he changes and improves (Jones also added foam rolling and stretching to prevent injury).

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