How to homologate a motocross?

Some motorcycles are not suitable for the urban road. And, this is the case of 50cc or 250cc motocross bikes which must obtain an approval certificate issued by a workshop approved by the brand of the motorcycle. Otherwise, this motorcycle should not take urban roads.

Without making an amalgam, it is a question here of motocross dedicated to the performance of race tracks or tracks strewn with pitfalls. These motocrossers in question are not authorized to take the roads open to public traffic. It is imperative to have an approval from a dedicated service by the manufacturer. If you own a motorcycle of this type and want to use public roads, here is how to homologate your motocross.

What is a motocross homologation?

There are European standards on the circulation of motorcycles dedicated to urban roads. This regulation requires that before taking a road open to public traffic, anyone who owns a motocross or a motorcycle in general must obtain a certificate justifying the homologation of his motorcycle.. Generally, this certificate is issued by an authorized workshop of the car manufacturer. Clearly, the homologation is a compulsory document which gives access to the public road to all motorcycles and in particular to motocross.

How to homologate your motocross?

As you will have understood, the approval of your motorcycle can only be done through a workshop approved by the brand of the motorcycle. SO, to do this, you must search the web for approved workshops to homologate your motocross by ideally informing the brand of your motorcycle. However, there are limited series in terms of motocross homologation. Because some car manufacturers are well aware of the cost of development and the formalities to be completed in order to offer you compliant certification at a lower cost. Yes ! These are the brands that take care of the formalities of the approval. And the owner only pays a small part which is still expensive.

What is the price of a motocross homologation?

The prices are not fixed. Since they vary from one workshop to another. In addition, other criteria are taken into account such as the model of the motocross, the modifications to be made, the European certificate of conformity. Then, do not omit the gray card. All this paperwork can cost between 1000 euros and 2000 euros. So, you must plan a budget of more than 2000 euros to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What will be taken into account during the homologation of my motocross?

To homologate your 50cc, 125cc, 250cc motocross, whether used or new or even almost new, it must be approved by the DREAL (Regional Directorate for the Environment and Housing). It is this entity that is responsible for observing the correctness of the mandatory equipment to be put on a motocross. Here is the list of what must be taken into account for your motocross to be compliant for public roads:

  1. Front and/or rear license plate holders
  2. Suitable and complete lighting (brake lights, main beam headlights, dipped beam headlights, position lights, a mirror ideally on the left)
  3. A left and/or central crutch
  4. A control panel
  5. The presence of the manufacturer’s plate as well as the identification number, readable serial
  6. An odometer
  7. An approved buzzer
  8. A speedometer
  9. Non-dependent braking system (i.e. the front brake AND the rear brake)

When these points have been taken into account, you will receive a return from the DREAL which grants your motocross the latitude to use the roads open to the public.

What license to drive an approved motocross?

A license is compulsory to drive a motorcycle in France. Except for certain models of scooter which do not necessarily require a permit, but a certificate of aptitude. In effect, to drive an approved motocross less or more than 125 cm3 sporty or not, you must have the A or AB license if you are over 18 years old. And, even if you are 16, you must have the MTL (light motorcycle license) or A1 license before riding an approved motocross under 125cc or 125cc. However, if the motorcycle is not homologated and you wish to practice racing on a closed circuit, even at 12 years old, you can do so with a CASM (Certificate of Aptitude for Motorcycling Sport).

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