“I have always given my life to boxing”

Lille boxer Licia Boudersa won her fourth world belt in the “super feather” category at the Casino Barrière in Lille on Wednesday May 17, 2023… ten months after giving birth to her son.

And four! Licia Boudersa was again crowned boxing world champion in the “super feather” category. For the boxer from the Bois Blanc district of Lille, this sport was obvious.

Younger, “there weren’t many sports options in the neighborhood and I tried a bit of everything“, she says at the end of the line. “I was doing some guitar“, but also basketball and even football in competition in the team of his district.

It is while passing by chance in front of the boxing gym, located behind his music school, that history begins to be written. “I seriously started boxing at 17 and a half“, she continues. It is from this moment that she puts herself into it body and soul and the rewards begin to rain down.

This new victory is part of the sixth edition of Let’s Go Champs Lille, the world championship of the World Boxing Foundation (WBF), English boxing federation founded in 1988 in the United States.

For Licia Boudersa, the fourth belt was “an objective” to achieve. Today, two days after the victory, the young woman “decompress” after the “sacrifices and training“. It must be said that since the beginning of her career, she has never lost her motivation.

Besides, her pregnancy did not prevent her from continuing to train. “Even during pregnancy, I wanted to resume, compete, so I trained“, she admits.

Since the birth of her son, the professional boxer says she has not consented to major adjustments in her professional and personal lifestyle. Everything happened naturally. “It happened automatically and for once, I found a great balance“, rejoices Licia Boudersa.

The boxer even appreciates the comparisons made with the judoka Clarisse Agbegnenou who, ten months after giving birth, had won her sixth title at the World Judo Championships in Doha, ten days ago.

It shows that women are capable of giving birth, returning to training and competing at a very high level.“, underlines Licia Boudersa, who is amused by the parallels made between the two athletes: “we were both world champions 10 months after giving birth!“.

And if she had to send a message, it would be “a message of strength, that you always have to have the will“. Because for her “with the will, we can achieve what we want to do“.

As for the next step? Rest, of course, but “the goal is to get other belts because nothing is ever over“, she concludes.

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