“I’m no longer afraid of getting fewer views”

Currently on hiatus from his YouTube channel with Carlito, McFly returned to the colossal changes to the platform’s stakes.

During a long interview with Cyrus North, McFly returned to the burnout that pushed him and Carlito to take a step back from YouTube. In the same interview, the videographer spoke about the increasing density of productions on the platform and therefore the increased challenges for content creators. “Everyone is talking about “YouTuber burnout”annoyed McFly. But there is no fashion. It’s an obvious logic: the production on YouTube, in two years, has been multiplied by 20 or 30 for everyone. Or at least for the biggest creators.ice.s. It’s hard to take that“.

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For McFly and Carlito, who have more than 7 million YouTube subscribers, taking a break wasn’t an easy decision. “But we let some air in and, honestly, in four days, we redefined our new artistic direction.says McFly. We resumed the analysis of what was happening and how we were going to react to it. How we were going to change what was wrong. And since then, it started a new thing. But that requires a truly global overhaul of our entire system, our entire way of working, etc. So it takes time, and that’s what we’re doing right now“.

McFly: “The hardest part is the fear of getting fewer views”

For his part, McFly more or less continued to think about the future of the YouTube channel, “without the stress, with hindsight, analysis, reflections and discussions“. And the videographer raises a fear among others, which has long chained him and Carlito. “The hardest thought for content creators is the fear of getting fewer views. And in fact, I said to myself: this is the solution. The solution must come from where it scares the most. So I opened that door and said, I’m not afraid of getting less views anymore.“.

Mcfly and Carlito’s chain, active since 2016, has seen a monumental rise in the space of a few years. “It’s really hard to admit that we have nothing more to proveMcFly tells Cyrus North. When we started this race, nobody was doing it. Today, it’s not the same challenge“. But this forced redesign is not specific to YouTube. “It doesn’t matter what job you do, it’s always the sameconcludes McFly. There’s a moment when you bump into yourself, because you’ve come to the end of something. You have to have the strength and the courage to step back and find another way“.

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