Before the end of the school year, the News Department of the TF1 Group, in partnership with the CLEMI which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, is organizing the 9th edition of the RENCONTRES DE L’INFO on Monday 5 June afternoon. On this occasion, 150 students will be welcomed to TF1 for direct exchanges with the team of the 1 p.m. news of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau.

The Info Meetings led by Christelle Chiroux, Deputy Director of Information in charge of mediation and CSR at TF1will relate to the theme of the daily production of a TF1 newscast.

The 1 p.m. news team, around Marie-Sophie Lacarrauwith the editor Romain HussenotAssociate Editors Timothy Forbin And Helene Gregoireas well as the journalist Thierry Coiffierwho appears every day on the set of the Journal, will be there to explain and decipher their work and answer all questions from young audiences.

For these CM2 and college students, it will be an opportunity to dialogue in order to better understand how an editorial office works, and to have a more concrete idea of ​​the different professions that contribute to the development of a news story.

This June 5, the students and teachers present at TF1 are the finalists of the 11th edition of the largest national school media competition Mediatiks organized by CLEMI. This competition, of which Anne-Claire Coudray is the new president of the jury for the 2023 edition, promotes civic engagement, expression and student creativity.

This 9th edition, still in partnership with CLEMI, once again illustrates TF1’s desire to reach out to young audiences and give them the opportunity for direct exchanges with the Group’s editorial staff.

The entire event will be live on Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, TF1 INFO from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m..

At the end of this event, Julian Lawrence, digital marketing director within the Information Department, will meet young audiences. In his spare time, he is also the author of an Instagram account (@demaincommence Aujourdhui) which has become a comic book album. This comic strip tells the daily life of Astrid, 9 years old, who does not have her tongue in her pocket and who mischievously points out our inconsistencies and our contradictions as adults, in a world marked by concern about global warming, and where technologies sometimes lead to more absurdities and inequalities.

The purpose of the TF1 Group’s mobilization of information is to make young audiences aware of the importance of obtaining information to better understand the world. Today more than ever, it is essential to learn to distinguish the different sources of information, to exercise critical thinking, to disentangle the true from the false, to better understand the workings of the production and distribution of information.

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