iPadOS 17: Interactive widgets, more productive Stage Manager and a new lock screen

With iPadOS 17, Apple is pushing its iPads even further towards MacBooks and in passing raises the question: Do we still need in Cupertino to distinguish between laptops and tablets? NextPit brings you all the new features of iPadOS 17.

  • The Health application finally arrives on iPad
  • A new lock screen with interactive widgets
  • Working with PDFs just got easier with iPadOS 17

The Health application arrives on iPad

Apple considers itself a health and fitness company. This has always been highlighted during the presentations in Cupertino. Thus, after years of waiting, the Health application finally arrives on the iPad.

You will now be able to view your health data in as much detail as possible. The new health functions announced for iOS 17 are of course included.

iPadOS 17 Apple Health

With iPadOS 17, Apple Health arrives on the iPad! / © NextPit

Moreover, thanks to the function screen timeyour iPad should also be able to detect if you’re holding your device unhealthily close to your eyes. Spoiler alert: a few minutes later, Apple presented a device capable of parking a screen a few centimeters from your eyes.

A new lock screen with widgets!

Why only now? This will undoubtedly remain Apple’s secret. But in any case, with iPadOS 17, all the countless customization features of iOS 16 are coming to Apple’s tablet! So you can turn your favorite photos into stylish wallpapers with a personalized clock on top of that.

iPadOS 17 Widgets

With iPadOS 17, your iPad will have even more widgets! / © NextPit

Additionally, iPadOS 17 can now display widgets on the home screen. Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, had filled his demo tablet with no less than six home screen widgets. So you can turn your lights on and off or control your music remotely right from the home screen.

Best of all, there are the same Live Activities as on the iPhone, so you know for sure when the pizza you order is on its way.

iPadOS 17: the new productivity features for the iPad

Incredible, but true: iPadOS 17 can handle PDF. The Apple Notes app can even include multiple PDFs in one note. Even though the manufacturer avoids the two-letter abbreviation like the plague during the Keynote: Thanks to AI, input fields in PDFs are automatically identified and made “typeable”. Thus, you no longer need to fill out incompatible forms with note texts.

Apple iPadOS 17

Incredible, but iPadOS 17 can actually handle PDFs. / © NextPit

It is now possible to add a signature to your PDF document, either with your finger on the touch screen, or directly with Apple Pencil or an alternative to Pencil. And you can even edit PDFs together live via FaceTime calls. Crazy !

iPadOS 17: The other new features

  • FaceTime video calls can also be moved to external displays
  • Stage Manager functionality gets new control possibilities
  • You can now run multiple timers at the same time

Every jailbreak fan’s dream has yet to be made news at WWDC 2023. I’m talking about sideloading for apps. But it is true that it would have been a surprise if Apple had announced it with great fanfare on June 5 in Menlo Park.

What do you think of iPados 17? Which feature stood out to you the most?

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