Jul unveils the clip of his new track “Training”!

Jul’s new album is coming in two days but the Marseille rapper wanted to please his fans with a new clip.

Jul’s next album is coming to streaming platforms soon. The Marseille rapper wanted to please with the announcement of a new title accompanied by a clip. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Jul’s album is coming soon

A month after its announcement, Jul’s next album arrives this friday june 9th. This time, the Marseille rapper appealed to his fans to carry out his project.

Indeed, Internet users were able to choose the cover of his project “When is it going out? ». But that’s not all ! Known to be very productive, Jul has already released 2 tracks from his next album.

To begin with, the 33-year-old artist revealed the sound The Rift. The song has over 12 million views on Youtube. Just that !

Two weeks later, Jul released so a 2nd sound from his next album which is called Ragnar. The clip has over 2 million on Youtube.

These figures show that the J is also popular among French rap fans. As the release date was fast approaching, the Marseille rapper also revealed the tracklist from his album.

In his next album, Internet users will be able to listen to 21 tracks. Apart from the solo sounds, Jul will also be accompanied by 6 artists. It is enormous !

While his album is out in less than 48 hours, the 33-year-old artist therefore released a 3rd sound from his album with a clip. MCE TV tells you more!

The rapper delights his fans with a new music video

Without warning, Jul announced a third sound from his album project. The piece is called Coaching and it is therefore the 2nd title of the tracklist. But the rapper did not do things by halves.

In effect, the Marseillais released a clip for the occasion. The clip pays tribute to the famous club of the Marseille city. Yes, the 33-year-old rapper shot the clip the day the supporters of OM the 30th anniversary of their victory in the Champions League.

The song itself is a sound as he alone has the secret. A title of 4 minutes without chorus. Even if Jul has hundreds or even thousands of sounds to his credit, he still manages to have so much inspiration.

Fans immediately validated the sound. Jul who always throws nuggets at us, it smells like summer guys“, “Always on top the J! You treat, you will snatch everything, ” the rapper’s fans are written on social networks.

One thing is sure, Team Jul is eagerly awaiting the release from his next album. Until then, the rapper from Marseille will probably release other clips in the coming weeks.

Internet users will therefore be attentive. Of course, fans will be able to see him at the SCH concert at the Vélodrome on July 22. To be continued !

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