Lannemezan: the deputy governor of Rotary is an insurer in Lannemezan

François Sudaka has contagious enthusiasm and he is visibly happy with his installation in Lannemezan in several respects.

Installed in his Areas insurance office on the Place du Chateau in Lannemezan, François Sudaka has everything from a happy young man. At 37, he succeeded in his professional career in the world of insurance with undisguised happiness: “My daughter’s mother introduced me to the Hautes-Pyrénées, I who grew up in the Paris region”. He does not forget that he has always liked to travel, he who put down his suitcases according to his studies and his desires to the United States, a passion which he seems to have inherited from his parents: “They also moved to the Basque Country when I retired and I worked at Sqaure habitat for about ten years and after the Covid, I wanted to start my own business. that there were these Areas agencies, one in Lannemezan and the other in Tarbes which were looking for takers and I started. I took specific training to exercise this profession”.

New Deputy Governor

A man now rooted in what he considers his territory, his daughter is even enrolled in Juillan in a school where she practices Occitan. It must be said that he was a rugby player on the side of Paris and that it is a culture that he appreciates and that he decided to apply to his new job: “We are a mutual insurance agency, that is to say that there are no shareholders and here, the best showcase is the agent who must be responsive, friendly and serious.We have 700 clients in the two agencies, i.e. 150 professionals and 550 individuals.”. In short, the spitting image of the new insurer who has other aces up his sleeve, his commitment for fifteen years at the heart of the Rotary Club, whose ranks he climbed until his new promotion, at age 37, in the region. : “I am the new Deputy Governor and I will take office soon. I have always liked this commitment, for blood donation, food bank collections, I have always been willing. From now on, I will take care of the clubs of Lannemezan, Lourdes, Bagnères-de-Bigorre, Argleès/Cuterets, Tarbes and Trabes Bigorre, Comminges, Saint Gaudens, Luchon, Saint Girons, Couseran, Salis du Salat. My mission is to accompany them in their actions , bring a group vision. I would visit the clubs regularly, see what their needs are, advise them on the administration, give the help they can claim”.

It is also a way of showing that Rotary is not only made up of retired people but indeed of active people who also want to invest themselves out of solidarity with others and the commitments of people like François, give a real facelift to the clubs. A young man very involved in the life of the communes where he now manages these agencies but also well beyond, one more reason to pay him a visit to Areas, 53 place du Chapteau in Lannemezan.

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