Launch of the digital campaign “My voice, child nutrition”: get involved and act against child malnutrition!

ACF BIS1 digital campaign launch

The Noom hotel in Niamey served as the setting, Thursday, May 18, 2023, for the official launch of the digital campaign entitled: “My voice, child nutrition”, an initiative of the non-governmental organization Action Contre la Faim (ACF- Niger). Through this campaign, funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ACF intends to mobilize all actors committed to nutrition through the organization of several communication, awareness and advocacy activities at local, regional and in order to mobilize funds to fight against the perennial problem of child malnutrition. Several activities are planned within the framework of this campaign which will be spread over six (06) months with in particular, an awareness campaign for the end of the sale of the product “Plumpy’Nut”on the stairsa medicine for malnourished children.

The official launching ceremony of the campaign was enhanced by the presence of the President of the Parliamentary Network for Food and Nutrition Security, Dr Souleymane Ibrahim, the National Director of Nutrition at the Ministry of Public Health, Dr Nassirou Ousmane, the Country Director of Action against Hunger in Niger, Mr. Grégor Robak Werth, the Vice-President of the Network of Young Leaders for Nutrition, Mrs. Leila Tall, as well as several guests including the Representatives of Technical and Financial Partners (PTF) and those of youth associations, girls and civil society.

Several activities were on the program of this official ceremony to launch the digital campaign “My voice, child nutrition”, in particular the presentation of the campaign by Mrs. Leila Tall, Vice-president of the Network of Young Leaders for Nutrition (REJEN-Niger), that of the national action plan by Mrs. Maimouna Daouda, as well as of the local action plan by Mr. Annas, both members of the Network.

ACF BIS1 digital campaign launch

Take action against malnutrition and improve the nutritional status of populations

In the speech he delivered on this occasion, the Country Director of ACF-Niger first gave a brief history of the NGO, present in Niger since 1997, with the main mission, “to save lives by ending hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of undernutrition, especially during and after emergencies related to conflicts and natural disasters”. In this context, underlined Mr. Grégor Robak Werth, ACF Niger intervenes in the regions of Tahoua, Maradi, Diffa and very soon, it will open its offices in Tillabéry, where the humanitarian needs are just as numerous. “Our approach is multisectoral and integrates Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH), health-nutrition, Food Security (SA) as well as advocacy actions, at national, regional and sub-regional levels.he explained before addressing the Digital Campaign: “My Voice, Child Nutrition” which is justified by the nutritional situation which is still alarming in the country as evidenced by the results of the nutritional survey carried out in August-September 2022 which show that the prevalence of global acute malnutrition (GAM) in children aged 6 to 56 month is 12.2% with 2.4% of children suffering from the severe form (MAS) and 9.8% suffering from the moderate form (MAG).

According to Mr. Werth, the Digital Campaign: “ My Voice, Child Nutrition will last six (6) months and aims to mobilize all actors committed to domestic funding for nutrition at local, regional and national level, particularly in emergency areas.

ACF BIS1 digital campaign launch

“The persistence of malnutrition constitutes a permanent risk for the survival of children as well as their physical and cognitive development, which, in the longer term, constitutes a risk for the human capital of the country and its economic and social development. mobilize to eradicate the scourge, because malnutrition is a silent killer which is at the root of many of our social ills. It is the main cause of morbidity and premature mortality. It accentuates the delay in a country’s development, so much so that it has become a crucial question of human rights”. Mr. Grégor Robak Werth, Country Director ACF-Niger.

According to the Country Director of ACF Niger, in view of the objectives assigned to this campaign, it is obvious that ” My Voice, Child Nutrition is an opportunity to advocate for the elimination of malnutrition in the country. This is why he urged all the actors to participate actively in the success of this initiative.

The “SUN” movement to support the authorities’ efforts in terms of food and nutritional security in Niger

In proceeding to the official launch of the campaign, the National Director of Nutrition, on behalf of the Minister of Public Health Dr. Illiassou Idi Mainassara, transmitted his thanks to all the actors and partners who mobilized for the event. Dr Nassirou Ousmane took the opportunity to highlight the movement “SUN” (Sun in English) which today has seven (07) networks in Niger engaged in the fight against malnutrition. These are, he quoted, the Government Network which is coordinated by the High Commission for the 3 N Initiative (HCI3N), the Network of Parliamentarians for Food and Nutritional Security, the Network of Academicians, the United Nations Nutrition Network, the Civil Society Network as well, and the Private Network. He particularly highlighted the importance of the involvement of this network because traders and companies are a major player in the chain. In addition to these networks, he continued, there is also that of Journalists for Nutrition, and the newly born, the Network of Young Leaders for Nutrition (Rejen Niger), to whom he wished the welcome to the family of nutrition in Niger.

According to the National Director of Nutrition, “this campaign is part of the improvement of the nutritional status of the population of Niger, which is a priority for our authorities at the highest level”. Dr. Ousmane recalled in this sense the ambitions and commitments of the government as contained in the General Policy Statement of Prime Minister HE. Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou, as well as the Act 3 Renaissance Program of the President of the Republic HE. Mohammad Bazoum. This is why he made a point of expressing his thanks to the initiators of this campaign as well as to all the actors involved, in particular the young people. He assured them of the availability of the Ministry of Public Health to support them in this work so that the digital campaign is a success and that the involvement of young people has a real impact on the population. Dr Nassirou Ousmane did not fail in this regard to also emphasize an important aspect of this campaign, the need to sensitize the populations and especially the traders to put an end to the sale of the product “Plumpy’Nut“, which is a drug made for the care of malnourished children. “It is not a product that should be administered or given to someone who is not malnourished. It is a drug highly dosed in nutrients, in micronutrients, in different vitamins“, he hammered before addressing, on behalf of the authorities, his gratitude to the NGO ACF and its partners, in particular the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for all that they are doing to improve the state nutrition of Nigerien men and women, and in particular of children.

In a brief speech, the President of the Parliamentary Network for Food and Nutritional Security, Dr. Souleymane Ibrahim, welcomed this initiative led by ACF Niger and wanted to encourage all the actors involved in the digital campaign. The honorable national deputy was particularly delighted with the choice made on the targets and insisted a lot on the actions to be carried out at the level of the traders, in particular with regard to the end of the sale of the product “Plumpy’Nut“. Dr. Ibrahim Souleymane has in this sense recommended that within the framework of this campaign and the continuation of the activities, that the accent be placed on a greater implication of the health centers (CSI) so that they take charge of the distributing the product”Plumpy“and that traders, but also students and parents are made aware of the fact that this is not a product intended for sale but a drug specially designed for malnourished children.

Six months of activities to end the sale of “Plumpy’Nut” on the markets

According to the details of the action plan presented, the digital campaign will run from June to November 2023. At the national level, the activities will take the form of the production and distribution of audiovisual media on Nutrition; the organization of a National Nutrition Caravan: No to selling the Plumpy » ; the mobilization of resources for the financing of nutrition Round table of partners as well as the launch of a “crowdfunding” platform which is currently being considered. Still at the national level, activities will be organized as part of the celebration of continental and international days, respectively June 16 which is the Day of the African Child, October 16 which is the International Food Day and the 20 November, that of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)

At the local level, the program provides from the end of May to the end of July, a Round Table with local leaders and nationals of the various localities concerned (Maradi, Mayahi), and from August to November, the production of sketches with local young people, to raise public awareness of the dangers posed by the sale of PlumpyNut” No to the sale of the Plumpy” and the identification and rewards of champion mothers in the localities of Mayahi, Guidan Amoumoune, Mayya da Riiia or Guilquigé.

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