Lebanon: Foreign Media Invited to Witness Extensive Hezbollah Military Exercise

The Shiite group’s regular training is part of its psychological warfare against Israel

Hezbollah has invited foreign reporters to attend a vast military training that it is organizing this Sunday, for which hundreds of members of the terrorist organization have been mobilized, but also tanks – inherited from the civil war in Syria – guns and rocket launchers. The exercise is presented by the Shiite group linked to Iran as a “resistance maneuver”, intended to simulate the containment of an “Israeli invasion” of Lebanon, as well as the infiltration of Israeli territory and attacks terrorists.

“On Sunday, Hezbollah will hold a major exercise in Lebanon. Tanks, missile units and infantry will take part in it. The exercise will be covered by numerous media around the world,” said a statement from the terrorist organization. released this weekend.

The Lebanese news site Al Ahed reports that Hezbollah distributed “an invitation to members of the media who wish to visit one of the resistance camps in the south, on the occasion of Resistance and Liberation Day, and participate in a military maneuver showing the readiness of the resistance to defend Lebanon”.

JOSEPH EID / Hezbollah's Media Office / AFP
JOSEPH EID / Hezbollah’s Media Office / AFPHezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah meets Iranian Foreign Minister

In recent days, photos have been circulating on social media showing Hezbollah’s preparations for the planned simulation in southern Lebanon. These regular training sessions of the Shiite group in the region are part of the psychological warfare it is waging against Israel. They nevertheless constitute a valuable source of information for the Jewish state, concerning the arsenal available to the organization. The Israeli military establishment did not fail to note the presence of anti-drone weapons and a cannon resembling an IDF weapon in the photos and videos published.

These maneuvers take place in an extremely sensitive context on the Israeli-Lebanese border, where Hezbollah has deployed battalions of the Radwan force, its elite unit. He has also set up devices in the area allowing him to send an anti-tank missile, a sniper, a bomb or to lead an infiltration into enemy territory in record time.

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