Maurine’s attitude at her wedding worries experts

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Flagship program on Monday evening, May 22, 2023, it will be Maurine and Benjamin who will discover themselves under the eyes of the viewers of “Married at first sight”. Like many candidates before them, the young man and the young woman wanted to know if science could help them find love.

The production company has been using the same formula since 2016 to bring couples together. With the help of science, experts try to analyze the compatibility of two people. If the two candidates are compatible, the television show has them meet on their wedding day. And it is there that they decide to say “yes” to a long and happy married life or to a trial for some.

For Maurine, who wanted to give it a try, It obviously didn’t go as she imagined..

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Maurine and Benjamin, 82% compatible

On May 15, 2023, M6 unveiled Maurine’s journey in “Married at first sight” on the screens. As Au Féminin magazine explained in its article published on May 10, 2023, the young woman was very nervous before her wedding.

Apparently, the reaction of her family put her in a stressful situation since the latter was shocked when she learned of her participation in the M6 ​​show. Moreover, the relatives of Maurine wanted to meet the family of the future husband before they cross the course.

Following this, Marie, Maurine’s witness, judged that the bride could block on the size of Benjamin. If she finds that he is not big enough for Maurine, science says that the two candidates are 82% compatible.

For her part, the future bride doesn’t seem reassured either by the result of the experts. The young woman could not hide her concern.

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Maurine could not relax during the final stage of “Married at first sight”

Visibly, stress never ceased to haunt Maurine and even followed her to her wedding day in Gibraltar. During their meeting, the young woman fled the gaze of her future husband and unfortunately, the latter had noticed it.

After the reassuring speech of his brother, who validated their marriage, anguish again invaded Maurine. After saying “yes” to Benjamin, the young bride was visibly uncomfortable at the time of the famous kiss.

As she explained, she kissed him, simply because she didn’t want to say:

“No excuse me, I’m going to give you a kiss”.

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At this moment, the candidate of “Married at first sight 2023” confessed that she could not relax. And the continuation of the event once again confirmed it.

Benjamin and Maurine shooting moment: even more stress for the bride

As they headed to where they were going to take their wedding photos, Benjamin had put Maurine in a more serious condition. This time, Maurine was scared. In fact, she noticed that Benjamin was already projecting himself into the futurewhich plunged her once again into anguish.

The sexologist doctor from Lille, Gilbert Bou Jaoudé, had noticed that Maurine behaved strangely during their shoot. “Not as usual”she was ” unrecognizable “, “stunned” and especially “not in its normal state”said the expert.

According to Purepeople, Gilbert Bou Jaoudé shows apprehension as to the continuation of the story between Maurine and Benjamin.

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If you want to follow the progress of their wedding ceremony, M6 will pass it on Monday, May 22. In case you miss the entertainment broadcasts on the channel, replays are available for free on 6play.

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