Milind Soman’s kettlebell movement irks fitness enthusiasts; know how to handle it safely

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“Something about kettlebells makes them so much fun! And fun makes it so much easier to #fightlazy!!!! Going to develop some more complex flows. This one is 10kg and it’s perfect for me to start with,” said Soman, who can be seen swinging the kettle bell in the air in slow, controlled movements from one hand to the other.

However, users were quick to point out that he was not doing it correctly.

One wrote, “Please hire a good coach for kettlebells the movement you are doing is going totally against the principles of kb”, to which Soman responded, “I have my own principles, but thanks!”

Another commented, “Thankyou, came here to comment the same, it hurts to just look at him, such stupid movements he’s doing, always respect a kettlebell, it’s a ball of steel, it’ll always win…”

A third wrote, “Wrong method ..can cause injury ..please hire a good coach,” with one another writing, “This workout seems a little dangerous…”

However, one came out in support saying, “I love all the Insta coaches commenting about the legends movement. Daddy’s Chill!! He is smart, healthy, and wealthy enough to hire a coach. Let him be! You swing away!”

Nevertheless, we thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more about kettlebells and how to handle them safely.

Kettlebell training combines cardio and strength training. According to Varun Rattan, co-founder, The Body Science Academy, Noida, swinging the kettlebell raises your pulse, therefore making it a terrific cardiovascular workout. “One can derive maximum cardiovascular benefit with exercises like swings with minimal stress on joints. One may also gain power by performing explosive moves like snatches. Kettlebell exercises involve your whole body,” he elaborated.

Rattant explained that using this equipment is safe for people who are healthy if they use the “appropriate weight and form”. “Kettlebells have thicker grip than barbells and dumbbells which builds grip strength and develops forearms. Kettlebells are compact, do not require expensive racks, and can be stowed away in a corner. They are suitable to train anywhere — a park, indoors, at a gym, or even at home,” said Rattan.

kettle bell Here’s how to optimize the use of a kettlebell (Source: Pixabay)

Vishal Mankani, fitness expert and founder of Happy Healthy Holy, said that choosing a kettlebell depends on your fitness level and strength. He also recommended starting with a lighter
kettlebell and gradually increase the weight as you progress.

Here are some general guidelines

– Beginners: For individuals new to kettlebell training or those with limited strength, a kettlebell weight between 8-12 kilograms (18-26 pounds) is a good starting point.
– Intermediate: Once you have gained some strength and experience, you can progress to a kettlebell weight between 12-20 kilograms (26-44 pounds).
– Advanced: Advanced users can use kettlebells weighing 20 kilograms (44 pounds) or more, depending on their strength and specific workout goals.

“It’s important to note that these are just general recommendations, and the weight you choose should be challenging but manageable for your own fitness level,” said Mankani.

As for different forms of kettlebell workouthere are a few popular ones, according to Mankani:

Swings: This is a fundamental kettlebell exercise that targets the entire body, focusing on the hips and glutes.
Turkish Get-Up: A full-body exercise that involves transitioning from lying down to standing while holding a kettlebell overhead.
Goblet Squats: Holding a kettlebell close to your chest, you perform squats, engaging your lower body muscles.

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