Narbonne: a day of detection to integrate the sports section of the Louise Michel high school

The sports section of the Louise Michel high school organized, this Wednesday, May 17, in Narbonne, a day of detection in order to allow young third-grade schoolchildren to join it at the start of the next school year.

In partnership with the Racing club Narbonnais (RCN), the sports section of the Louise Michel high school, in Narbonne, organized, as every year, a selection day in order to detect the students who could integrate it at the start of the school year in September 2023. Christophe Pibouleu, professor of Physical Education and Sports (EPS) confides: “I am the head of the section and I also work with Jean Cazaute, also a PE teacher.”

On the program for the day, a warm-up was supervised by Sébastien Buada, the sporting director of Racing, followed by several rugby scenarios, for the morning. The afternoon, meanwhile, was reserved for the various physical tests with pull-ups or speed exercises. “Generally, three quarters are accepted, says Sébastien Buada. For those who will be selected, these tests will allow us to see their evolution during the year.”

Sébastien Buada, Racing's sporting director supervised the warm-up.

Sébastien Buada, Racing’s sporting director supervised the warm-up.

I already play Racing as a cadet. This section can allow me to have an additional physical preparation

In all, they are about thirty college students, in third class to have tried their luck. Among them, we find Tom, 14, a student at Sévigné college. “What’s good is that we can have flexible hours, he explains. My big brother also joined the section when he arrived in second. I saw that it had been interesting for him, so I said to myself why not me. He adds : “I already play for Racing as a cadet. This section can provide additional physical preparation.”

Once the sports section is integrated, future high school students will have training on Mondays with competitions on Wednesdays and a slot for physical preparation during the week. “With the RCN, we take care of the sports follow-up and lead the training sessions, adds Sebastien Buada. There is also a school follow-up with support also if needed.

And for the luckiest, some may one day join the young teams of Racing and why not, its training center.

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