New audioguides in Meaux: students teach you more about the Bossuet museum

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Students from La Grosse Pierre school lent their voices to the creation of audioguides at the Bossuet museum.
Students from La Grosse Pierre school in Meaux lent their voices to the creation of audioguides at the Bossuet museum. ©The Marne

An indelible mark left by children, for the Bossuet Museum. It is in the heart of the episcopal city of Meaux, within the Bossuet museum itself, that about thirty of CM2 students, accompanied by their teacher, Mr. Brisset and Mrs. Azoulay, principal of the Grosse Pierre school, had the privilege and the honor of presenting their work to their family, but also to the general public, during the inauguration of the museum audio guideswhich was held on Saturday, May 13 at 6:30 p.m.

The work of the pupils, as “the base of a new museum”

It took them several months of work, punctuated by visits to the museum as well as hours of readings and training. The objective: to create audioguides and succeed in raising their voices, in order to present 10 course points of the Bossuet Museum.

“It’s a project that we couldn’t pass up, because it’s the kind of project that you only have once in your career”, justifies the teacher.

Anyone who goes to the museum from now on can let themselves guiding through the voice of young students presenting different rooms, such as the episcopal palace, the central tower and its ramps, the palace rooms, the upper chapel, the synopsis room, the bishops’ lounge, the king’s bedroom, the bishop’s study Bossuet, the Henri Moissan room or the room of local paintings, through the audios they have produced themselves.

Visibly satisfied with the result and the interest aroused among school children and their families, the director confides: “I have the impression, I hope, that they will no longer see the museum in the same way. It is also a way to include families. With this project, we draw everyone towards culture. »

And this is precisely the idea of ​​Emmanuelle Vielpeau, deputy mayor in charge of education, children and staff, present at this event. She took the opportunity to imply that cThis initiative could affect another museum of the commune, and thus evoked the museum of the Great War.

The latter, clearly grateful for the work carried out by the pupils, made a point of thanking the educational team as well as the members of the museum before addressing the children directly: “You are the base of a new museum. Thanks to you, the museum will be child-friendly. But that’s not the only change at the Bossuet Museum…

Videos: currently on Actu

What facilities are planned?

THE battlements will be restored and fitted out, with a hanging garden and a tea room will be set up in the Bossuet pavilions. Protective palisades have already been installed.

Thereafter, it will be necessary to count 23 months of work to consolidate the ramparts. The Bossuet garden will be restored as well as the paved courtyard.

This project will be accompanied by an architectural renovation of the episcopal building, in order to make this building accessible to people with reduced mobility. So many changes likely to revitalize this cultural place.

So while waiting to be able to take advantage of these facilities, you can already benefit from the audioguides, made available to you free of charge, during your next visit to the museum.

Bossuet Museum, 5 Place Charles de Gaulle, 77100 Meaux. Open from Wednesday to Sunday.

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