New very pro and very sporty connected watches from Garmin

Garmin strengthens the high end of its catalog of connected watches with new models for the Fenix ​​7 and Epix families which earn the nickname “pro”!

By launching its new models of connected watches, Garmin has in turn decided to embrace the “pro” trend, with the Epix 2 Pro and Fenix ​​7 Pro, which are both equipped with new mapping and training functions, a flashlight and new sensors. The GPS specialist manufacturer has also multiplied the sizes, there is also a more resistant sapphire edition. What justify high prices…

Advanced functions in all sizes

The Epix 2 Pro and Fenix ​​7 Pro lines share the majority of the new features. All models now come with an integrated LED flashlight, a feature introduced last year but limited to the 51mm Fenix ​​7X. This flashlight features multiple intensities, a red safety light, and a strobe mode for nighttime training.

Epix 2 Pro © Garmin

Both ranges benefit from a new heart rate sensor, providing improved tracking for a wider variety of activities. Regarding training features, all Epix 2 Pro and Fenix ​​7 Pro models offer a new “endurance score” and “ascent score”. The former indicates the user’s ability to sustain sustained effort using VO2 Max and long and short term training loads across multiple activities. The second also uses training history and VO2 Max to assess running power this time during steep climbs and long climbs.

In terms of mapping, the Pro ranges receive a weather map overlay function, a feature called “Up Ahead” which highlights certain points of interest, as well as relief shading for topographic maps. The Epix 2 Pro features an OLED display, while the Fenix ​​7 Pro features a memory-in-pixel (MIP) display that supports solar charging. The Epix 2 also has a new red display mode that changes the colors of the screen to red for easier viewing at night.

In terms of autonomy, the Epix 2 Pro announces up to 31 days, while the Fenix ​​7 Pro can reach up to 38 days. However, these estimates should be taken with caution. Battery life largely depends on watch size, GPS settings, whether or not the Epix 2 Pro always-on display is used, and the mode in use. For example, you can reach 139 days of autonomy (!) with the Fenix ​​7 Pro in “connected watch” mode…

Both watches come in 42, 47, and 51mm versions. The price of the Fenix ​​7 Pro starts at €849 and can soar to €1,249 depending on the size of the case and the options chosen. The Epix 2 Pro is marketed from 849 €, and it can go up to 1,149 €.

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